Thursday, January 10, 2008

weekend warriors chapter 2

our house keeps getting some TLC.
you see besides, the two rooms, and the hall that are getting redone this season, kasey put a real hard wood floor in the kitchen! i love it! and kasey is very protective of it... the dogs didn't come in the house for about 3 days... i told him that it wouldn't be perfect for ever and so he went down to home depot and bought a new rug too!

you see the trick to getting your husband home improvement motivated is HGTV... thank you!

you see where the vent is there in the ground?, those that have been to our house know that the tile was cracked there, the vent stuck up and the floor sort of sunk there from the house settling. kasey and his dad put a new vent in, new supports and now i have a beautiful level hard wood floor! like i said before, you have to set your self up for the surprises old houses throw your way during improvements. can say just how much i love my talented husband!?

just add crown molding and i have a brand new kitchen!


AJ said...

I am jealous of your real house and real kitchen. You deserve it. Throw in some tools and good sex and you could probably get that crown molding.

Mitch & Amy said...

Your floor looks beautiful! Good job!
You're newly weds... i bet it doesn't take too much persuading to get that crown molding!

Ginger said...

So molly- I want to know where you live and I've lost your number switching phones and numbers. I come up north sometimes, Eric's mom is in park city- or if you want to get out of the cold it was 55 here in St. G today. email me your info @ I would love to meet your family and reintroduce you to my kids!

Kaity said...

Hi Molly. It's Kaitlin. I love your house.