Tuesday, June 24, 2008

so, would you say

kasey loves his dogs?

i came into the kitchen the other day and he was
walking out to the back
with his plates held high carrying out this master piece.
spoiled puppies and cute husband, i say!

so, do you think that he loves his dogs???

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

yo yo idaho

we took a little road trip up to parker idaho to my aunt and uncles house.
i love that place and it was the first time that kasey and jord had been there.
we did so much, so here i go to fill you in!we took a break out by the rexburg airport with aunt jeane while watching the air show. it was really cool, the planes were super loud and it was cool to watch them drop from the sky straight down and pulling up like 5 feet off the ground... i cringed every time.
our next stop was yellowstone bear world. it was fun!
there was so much to do there and because it was fathers day weekend
kasey got to do some of the stuff for free.
they had a ton of baby bear cubs rolling around,
a petting zoo...

with a pregnant doe and some two week old triplet baby deer.
a moose named stilts, tons of elk, free carnival rides...
and besides letting you drive through the park you can ride in the back of a
topless bus and actually feed the bears and other wild life.
it was so cool.

jord loved it when the bears would wave for their food.
it was so cute, they would sit right back and throw their paws in the air.
but out of 28 black bears only 5 came out to see us.
the st. anthony sand dunes and egin lakes was so much fun.
i remember going out to the dunes with all the cousins and playing all day!
i loved it, but this was the first time that i had gone to egin lakes,
a natural spring where you can see the water bubbling up from the ground.

the rest of the time was spent at the cabin hanging out in the hot tub, eating,
chatting about the flowers,
playing with the cats, maggie & patty, and of course riding bikes...

thank you jack and jeane for letting us come visit!
we love you!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my husband... my babies daddy...
my love...
happy fathers day!
i love you kb

happy fathers day daddy-oi love you

Monday, June 9, 2008

point one percent

thats me. or at least it was.
well i guess there is some sort of significance about that, me being part of the .1% in the u.s.,
in the world maybe. dunno. but i'm a part of it.
so let me begin...
so it has nothing to do with school, work, how fast i run, or even how many times a day i apply lotion to my weather hands...
it has to do with "the box".
you know, the box that always tells you its 99.9% accurate.
so as some of you know kasey and i have been enjoying
working on having a baby.
its been fun, don't get me wrong ;), but at times very upsetting.
the months just keep adding up and
maybe the tests just don't like to be peed on.
even after four months of meds
(with kaseys testimony of my many mood swings due to them)
we were done. it was time for the next thing. the expensive stuff.
our doc told us to take the month off and relax and then we will go for the artificial stuff the following month. so we did. we went to a bed and breakfast for my birthday and relaxed.
weeks went by, waiting to do our next step... nothing.
so we found our selves opening yet another box. negative.
week later, hey why not. negative.
and then a couple a weeks later (8 weeks to be exact) it hit me.
about every morning since... with all its glory.
so we retook yet another test,
30 seconds later our house was spinning.
kasey was running around yelling
'its positive! we did it! you're a mamma!'
and me yelling (in disbelief from all the past box experiences)
'more juice, i need more juice! i need to do it again!'

(graphic borrowed from heather)
so all in all, very much stoked...
now that i am starting to feel better in the morning and
trying to show my hubs that i love him tons,
and seeing a baby in my belly for the first time friday on the screen...
i wanted to cry. i'm stoked. our miracle.
now on to week 13....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

10 years ago?

i graduated from kahuku high school...so can you believe it? i really can't!
has it really been that long... what happened to the time?
i really liked high school,
tons of learning, discovering talents and really who i was.
with loads of friends, waterpolo and swimming. i had fun...
good times, good times.

what do you remember about your graduation?

Monday, June 2, 2008


we were able to enjoy some nice warm weather all weekend.
i even got some sun on my face
and am starting to feel good in my skin.
i love summer!
while kasey was helping our friends frame their new garage the moms had a visit
and the girls ran wild.
bottom to top- kayla, megan and jord
they were back and forth from the playground to the pool.
baby shay (kayla's sister) was still sleeping so the girls had to wait to put their suits on sooo...
with me being me, hosed em. hey,
i would have loved it!

i have never heard so much fussing, so much tattle tailing...
experienced so much pouts, snuffs and dirty looks.
man, were we like that when we were kids???
but all in all, it is amazing how quickly they make up.
girls will be girls right?