Saturday, May 24, 2008

{memory lane tag...}

opps just realized that it has been over a week since i have posted. sorry. i guess that you just need to be in the mood and i've been sick... so i guess no mood.

i was tagged the other day by trudi and have done that one before so i thought that i would
take a trip down memory lane this tag....

20 years ago i was 8. i had just gotten baptized a month ago at temple beach in laie and had convinced myself that i wasn't doing a good job at it cause my ctr ring was turning my finger green. no matter how hard i tried to choose the right, it was green. then my mom bought me a cool new one from the bookstore and it never did it again. i was amazed... i was 8.

10 years ago i was 18. i had just gotten back from europe with the photo club, had gone to my senior prom, and was just getting ready to graduate. i was so ready to graduate from kahuku high school and go onto college...

5 years ago i was 23. i was living down the street from my parents, taking a year off from college to make money and working full time at surf n sea in haleiwa. it was fun, surfing, talking about the surf and selling the surf to tourists. i also got to meet wayne brady, david hasselhoff, christine taylor, drew barrymore and bryan brown from cocktail.

3 years ago i was 25. i was living in orem and was packing up my things to move back to laie to go back and finish school at byu hawaii. little did i now that things just worn't going to work out the way that i planned and i would be moving back to utah at christmas.

1 year ago i was 27. i was anxiously waiting to go back to hawaii... for vacation... had just started a new job that i love... 4 days out of 5... |stress| and would be getting married in a few months to kasey. great decision... i'm excited to grow old with this guy... s-l-o-w-l-y.

so far this year i have been really cold. i am ready for summer to be here and tan my legs. i want to cry everytime i look at them. kasey and i have been trying to finish the house, but that is never ending. one of my christmas presents this year will be a finished house though.

today i woke up by myself(mind you i wrote this post on saturday and forgot to publish it). kasey is off framing a garage for his customer and i was able to sleep in for the first time in months. i cleaned the house, did laundry, still searching out that smell... ate some malto meal with tons of brown sugar and, yes ginger, contemplated making mochi. now what movie to watch???

this year my goal is to get kasey surfing, jord to ride her bike with out training wheels, finish the house, not get so cranky, sleep better, relax more, finish more books then magazines, be a better friend, a better wife and learn from my mother.

anyone that needs a post and would like to do this one, its fun...
i'm not going to tag anyone... its a free-bee... go for it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

{go speed racer!}

well, kasey is on a plane to north carolina to the nascar showdown with our friend, and one of kaseys vendors,
ozz daynes. jealous. to hang out in the pit... talk about cars and guy stuff.

the roaring cars, the burning rubber, the screaming mullet crazed fans...
oh yes...
pretty much ozz says that this is the race of all races and none other will compare.
okay, so this will be fun for kasey and he needs a break from work... but i miss the guy.
i've been cleaning and organizing since i got home... a bit bored... the volume is busted on kaseys big man tv... and so i am stuck watching movies on the other tv in the room... so i guess that i will have a lot of me time to read, catch up on my desperate housewives and lost on the internet
and do adventure walks with jord.
much relaxation is needed. happy wednesday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mamas day mother!
i love you soooo much!
i'm glad that your my mother and that you,
are even still to this day, a kid at heart!
sorry, i had to put this picture in i love it!
that was the night that you kicked butt at ping pong!
love you!
i miss you so much, i can't wait to see you in 3 months!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

happy birthday betsy wetsy...
never mind that we hardly got along when we were kids
(don't get me wrong though, we had alot of laughs too!)
i used to break your glasses cause i was jealous and wanted some, i would cut your barbies hair cause i wanted mine to stay pretty, i would color on your feet and legs while you were sleeping cause i thought it was funny, and i would 'borrow' your clothes after you went to school...
but you were always my best friend no matter how we treated each other...
i wouldn't trade you for the world... i'm glad that i have you!
and it was the little things that we did that made the memories...
like putting on all our shirts and walking down the street.
i love you sister!

Monday, May 5, 2008

{chores can be fun}

ever weekend jord has her list of chores. they usually consist of the same old things everytime such as make bed, pick up toys, dust living room, fold towels and pair socks and now since it has been a bit warmer out side, water the flowers... to earn something out of the bag... i'm not even going to attempt the money thing again until she is older.
on saturday while she was out water the flowers i noticed that she was watering the neighbors flowers, not ours! she said that she had to start with the 'roses'...
so then she went over and recruited her friends nico and mim to help her do our yard before the started to decorate the drive way with chalk and paint. needless to say, the whole drive was covered... until the sprinklers came on...