Thursday, December 27, 2007

weekend warriors

so what did i do over my christmas vacation? well it wasn't as relaxing and tranquil as this photo... i was what you call, cheap labor... we attacked our house. last year we did the kitchen, this year... i wish that i had a picture of jordan's room before we started. for the past two years jordan was in the room that was the den while her room was torn apart. naked walls, hard wood floors, nasty old wall paper and a corner where the little closet used to be. we never had time to get her room done, so for christmas kasey and i worked our butts off for the ultimate christmas present... jordans room!

after sheet rocking it all, paint, a new bigger closet that kasey framed, and new carpet her room was almost ready for chirstmas...
while doing her room we decided to do the hall and the den. these old houses need lots of TLC. kasey tore out the hall closet to build a new one and i have been with out a laundry shoot... i didn't realize how much i love that thing! now i have to throw everything down the stairs... i can't wait until its finished... i'm so lazy.

this is the den right after we tore out the carpet... mom, sorry we covered it back up again... it would take a lot of work to get the wood looking good again.
once again... tear down the 7 layers of wall paper, open the closet, new carpet and paint... currently breathing easier... no more dust and junk!

the final product....

jordans room turned out great! she loves her new bunk beds and gives her self naps about every three hours and puts herself to sleep around 8pm... except on christmas when she climbed up to the top and yelled,
"i'm tired, i'm going to sleep"
this was around 6pm christmas eve... i thought to myself, self... this is good, santa has to get to work! plus i could get used to this early to bed thing!

her second favorite thing in her new room... her closet! she actually has one! before all she had was a dresser... i had her closet:)... once we hung everything up, she went crazy and tried everything on... she loved the fact that she could see everything she owned.
yeah, i know, we still need to put the doors on.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

sugarhouse sledding

okay, so we woke up this morning, and this is what we had to deal with... what choice would you make? going sledding, or staying home and working on the house? i think we needed a break, and its not everyday that you get this... never mind, what am i saying, its going to be a long winter!

so we grabbed jordans friend michaela and went to the park. when we first got there i told them try not to eat the snow, cause it will make them cold from the inside out and we would have to leave early... about ten minutes into our sledding adventure they caught me wolfing down the snow by the hand full... caught!

holding on for dear life! jordan had so much fun, but i think that it was the kid in kasey that turned the whole day into a blast! from being tackled, to snow ball fights it was great, it reminded me of the times we went sledding as kids on BYU campus by the bell tower. i actually think that was the last time i had ever gone!

this was after the first time dad and jordan went down the hill... and the last time jordan walked up. out of about 30 runs, jordan walked once. and if kasey didn't slide down with them, he would still end up walking down to carry her up! she would just lay down in the snow on the bottom until he finally gave in to go get her. daddy's sweet talker.

the girls taking their time coming up the hill cause they know they are going to get dosed by snow balls!

it was a busy day at the park... and this was just one hill. we even saw a guy that, when his kids would reach the bottom of the hill, he would send down the dog and the kids would tie the sleds to the dogs collar and he would run them up the hill for them... now thats the way to do it!

backwards! maybe it was my big butt, but when i would ride down with them we always ended up turning. and i wish that i had a picture of it when kasey and i rode down together. i was riding on his back and got so much speed going down that hill by the time we got to the bottom his face was covered in snow and it had all gone down his coat and shirt too!

Monday, December 3, 2007

i've been tagged!

okay so i have been tagged by my friend jennie,
lets see if i can get this right,

1. i love getting into a nicely made bed. if its almost midnight and we are getting into bed and its not made, i have to make it real fast before i can get in. i know that it drives kasey nuts, but i seriously have the hardest time falling asleep if i don't do it. plus it gives me a chance to pull a little more of the covers to my side of the bed, we are both cover hogs!

2. when kasey and i first met i started to like going out shooting... kasey loves to hunt and yes i got into it as well... i can tell you that my mom didn't like the fact, or more of just liked to tease me about it, that i was killing thumper, bambi, and donald duck (hey i got my first banded duck this year that flew all the way here from alaska, that is cool i think). but my mom would tell me that i traded my surf board for a shot gun... never! (i now have a 20 gauge shot gun, 7mm rifle, and a 9mm to go along with my surf board) hey, if you can't surf... go kill something!

3. i used to be blonde... my whole life! but since i have been in utah it has gone dark and i'm still bummed about it. i tell kasey that i am a dark blonde, not burnett and he tells me to get over it. so i dyed it a couple months ago and my mom told me that it was the same color as the dogs fur... i'm in a loose loose situation. i even let kasey and jordan cut it once for fun, it needed it anyway, i wore it up for a week.

4. i'm on the 10 year plan for college. no, make that 15. i'm now coming upon my 10 year reunion mark... i have only 2 years left to complete my degree in dental hygiene that i would love to get done, but i just don't have the time. plus if you ask my mom, she'll say that i have a great job that pays very well, why would i want to back to school, but i think that i would rather work 2 days a week instead of 50 hrs a week.

5. i have lived around and about. i have a hard time staying in one place for too long and about every 6 months i had to try something new. it scared kasey that i might up and leave, but look at me now, i've been in the same place for two years now! kasey has broken my travels, and i thank him for that. since graduating from high school in 1998 i have lived in provo, ut x3, orem ut, honesdale pa, mission beach ca, escondido ca, moreno valley ca, salt lake and back to hawaii about 4 or 5 times before settling in sugarhouse for about 3 more years.

6. i love being a mom cause she is my buddy. we have been close since the beginning. i love it when she calls me mom or molla, she is so hilarious and keeps us entertained.

7. i love the church. i know that i have not been in awhile, we have been going about once or twice a month, but i still know with all my heart that it is true. i have been stressed lately about a few things and i was asked by a very close friend if i have been to church lately, and when was the last time i prayed. it made me think, i pray everyday, put when it came down to it, it wasn't with my whole heart. i needed to be reminded of even the most simplest thing that had gotten me through so much already in my life... something that i was neglecting. i want to thank this friend of mine, cause this question/reminder calmed me and i was able to focus and think more clearly. mom, you raised me right, i love you, sorry for taking a detour.

well, there you have it. 7 facts you may or may not have known about me.

and now i tag brook norris, starlyn, mark spires, sierra brown and kirstin

Saturday, December 1, 2007

snow days!

ok, so i woke up this morning and there was about two or so inches of snow outside. that was about 7am. by the time it was 9am there was almost a foot on the ground! can you believe it? what a way to start out december... only 23 days left til christmas, but about 5 more months of cold cold cold!!!

NO, too cold!

i gave up on shoveling the drive way and side walk after doing so about 4 times. it all just kept coming! what was the use, kasey can do it when he gets home... plus since i don't have any snow boots i was out there in kasey's hunting boots, pajama bottoms (tucked into my boots of course), and about three or four layers on top (i still really haven't gotten all the winter clothes out of the basement), i looked a bit odd out there sliding around trying to bring the garbage cans in :) my neighbors get it, i hope...

while daddy went to work for a bit this morning jordan and i got bundled up and went outside to build snowmen with the neighbor girls, sierra and hannah.

ha ha, snow ball to the head!

miss snow hawaii 2007

we tried to bring a little of hawaii to our front yard... yeah right! besides being the cutest snowman in the neighborhood, our little cold blooded hula dancer didn't change the weather... so i went back inside and baked thinking that some sweets would cure my need for 90 degree weather.

snow angels!

jordan, grandma and grandpa henderson with the pirate snowman that hannah and sierra built.

Friday, November 23, 2007

ode to my odies...

growing up in the moffat house we always had cats. my brother zac would bring them home, or they would just follow us to the front door. and the only rule that my mom gave, was that they had to be siamese. then one day my brother came home with a little black chihuahua named kaku. then another uma, then another osa... we had always been a small dog (or cat) family.

when kasey and i met i had a small black pomeranian named hazel. she was my buddy and seemed to be a bit stubborn with kasey. on one occasion she walked up to kasey while he was sitting on the couch and pee'd on his foot... after spanking and scolding her she came back five minutes later and pee'd on his foot again. i think that was the last chapter in the history of kasey and hazel. after hazel had gone i was in the need for a puppy, to cheer me up of course. kasey told me that i could have any dog i wanted. after naming about 10 dogs that i would die to have he finally said okay to a chocolate lab. you see kasey had a dog already. a german short hair named gage who is now about 5 years old. a very hyper dog who is obsessed with playing fetch. so the day finally came that we added kona, our chocolate lab. he was so cute. there's nothing like a little puppy with puppy breath. i wish that they could always stay that way. now i have a 5 year old and a 1 year old... who compared to small chihuahua's, with small poop, small personalities, and small legs that just can't seem to get up on the bed, i've got my hands full. with the blood chilling weather now approaching they have been tromping around inside the house, and for anyone that has been to our little craftsman, oh boy... watch your step, they have a hard time just sitting still and laying down.

i love the pups though, they keep us entertained and are great company. especially when i'm home alone. when kona was about 6 months old he got into kaseys fishing gear. we heard a his cry as if he was being slaughtered. when we came running into the room he had a rapala hooked, one end in his nose, the other in his paw. there was no way we could get it out. he was freaking out i had to keep a tight grip on him til we got to the vet... since then kona has been in and out of the vet with ear infections, fevers, and a broken tail a time or two. my poor boy. last month he was faced with barbed wire for the first time. he couldn't quite figure it out, he would just run right into it and on one attempt to get to the other side to be with gage, he got hooked on his nose again... he is a bit on the clumsy side. our dog walks into walls... i hope that it is just a puppy phase. he is one funny pup though, i love my boys.

this picture is for my pops... the dogs got into some apples and i thought that it would be fun to have a picture of my "stuffed pig" for thanksgiving. my dad is always saying that kona, because of his puppy personality, is a worthless dog and that i should give him to a filipino family for thanksgiving. sorry dad, he is my boy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lets back up a bit...

i just thought that i might do a little recap on this last year... and share some pictures of what has been going on in the "life of molly". plus, i'm finally getting my pictures in order so i thought that i might share...

okay, so i get accused frequently for forgetting the camera at home and missing all the best pictures, but doesn't that happen to everyone? so here we are jumping to april... what, the first few months of the year were just a snowy blur... i tried to find a picture that showed jo's shirt better, it says "my dad surfs better then your dad". okay kasey doesn't surf but no one in utah knows that...

ah, i would have to say that finally going home after almost 2 years of being away was one of the best things that happened all year, and taking kasey and jord was the best. jordan cried on the way home and is always asking to go back to the "place with the beach by tutu and paka's". not to mention to see her best buddy velzy. it was so nice to be in a swim suit and bare feet (its just not the same in my backyard in sugarhouse).

my little buddy, the beach bum!

okay, a little bit of sisterly love.... i love my sister. if you would of asked me that about 15 years ago, well lets just say, no more cat fights... but now, my sister is my best friend and has helped me through so much that she probably doesn't even know about. thank you for being so blunt betsy. thank you for being there for me.

oh, hey, look at that, a wedding... now this is the best thing that happened all year. kasey was so handsome. when planning the wedding kasey said that i could do anything i wanted just as long as he could wear a suit... so i guess you could say that we got "our" wedding. and on july 28th 2007 we got hitched.

daddy's girls

when getting ready, jordan came up to me and said, "okay where's the isle, how we gonna do this?" she was so cute, she was so excited to be the flower girl, she was telling everyone that she had the most important part of the wedding...

jordan turned 5! next year, 16...

we had her party at 'the little gym'. with about 15 kids running around like mice, i had a blast just watching them!

and then there was the snow... this was taken after a 15 min blizzard (it felt like) while we were up in the mountains in logan, utah. this was like a month ago, i was thinking it was going to be a long winter, with snow like that, but yesterday it was about 75 degrees, so who knows, or more so, what do i know about snow and weather, i'm from hawaii.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy Halloween! so this is the first time that i have done this whole blogging thing. tell me if it suck. mom and dad were here it go trick or treating with us... i think that they had just as much fun as jordan did!

after an afternoon of carving pumpkins, decorating the house with spider webs, and making our own little pizzas which were so yummy it was time to go trick or treating!

jordan was all dressed up as herminie granger from harry potter and already at the neighbors house ready to go, the old people decided to get dressed up too, from hippies to white trash and even a witch we were ready to go...