Friday, February 29, 2008

{how to be a kid again...}

do a cartwheel. sing in your hairbrush. blow bubbles in your milk. walk barefoot in wet grass. play a song you like really loud, over and over. dot all your "i's" with hearts or smiley faces. skip down the street holding hands. read the funnies and throw the rest of the paper away. dunk your cookies. play a game where you make up the rules as you go. take a bubble bath, maybe a toy or two. step carefully over sidewalk cracks. change into some play clothes. try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich. eat ice cream for breakfast. fry ants with a magnifying glass. kiss a frog, just in case. blow the wrapper off the straw. have someone read you a story. find some pretty stones and save them. wear your favorite shirt and your favorite pants even if they don't match. build a sand castle. take a running jump over a big puddle. get someone to buy you something you really don't need. play hide and seek. hide your vegetables under your napkin. stay up past your bed time. eat dessert first. fuss a little, then take a nap. wear red gym shoes. put way to much sugar on your cereal. make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner. giggle a lot for no reason. give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.

did i for get anything?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

tagged again

okay, since i was tagged by one that i had done before i decided to find another questionnaire to do. so here i go... thanks sarah.
  • what is your occupation? dental technology
  • what are you listening to right now? in the hours of flowers, by the vells
  • what is the last thing you ate? a banana and a rice cake with peanut butter on it... yum!
  • do you wish on stars? yeah, when i can see them... i used to a lot back home, but you can't see them all that well here.
  • if you were a crayon what color would you be? either red (it's my favorite color) or turquoise, cause it reminds me of the ocean.
  • how is the weather right now? completely blue skies but still a bit chilly
  • last person you talked to on the phone? kasey, calling to check up on me... i'm at home sick.
  • do you like the person who tagged you? totally, we have been friends since we were in our mamas bellies!
  • how old are you right now? 27, but next month i'll be two years from 30... oooo now i feel old!
  • your favorite drink? v8 fusion pomegranate blueberry, my new addiction
  • favorite sport to watch? hmmm since being married to kasey... football, but before that i never really watched sports... only the olympics.
  • have you ever dyed your hair? um, yeah... cause i never wanted to be dark and since i have not been in hawaii with beach blonde hair from the sun i have given in... i just let it go now.
  • your favorite job? surf n sea. cause i could watch, talk and listen too and breathe surfing.
  • any pets? yeah here at the house i got gage (our german short hair), kona (our chocolate lab) and stuf-migruff (jordans beta fish).
  • favorite month? march, cause its my birthday and cause then i know that spring and summer are right around the corner with some warmer weather!
  • favorite food? anything with jalapeƱos, i love mexican food. and my grandmas chinese roast.
  • what was the last movie you watched? at home, michael clayton. in the theater, i am legend. i love movies, i have way over 100... it's an addiction.
  • favorite day of the year? hmmm, thats tough. i couldn't tell ya.
  • what do you do to vent anger? i used to go surfing or lay on the warm sand... in utah, go for a walk and try not to take it out on kasey, sorry baby if i do...
  • fall or spring? hmm, well both! spring, cause the weather is perfect, fall cause the i love it when the leaves change colors.
  • hugs or kisses? well both... i love to be held and i love little kisses... i'm a very love cuddly person.
  • cherry or blueberry? fresh cherries!
  • living arrangements? kasey and i own a house in sugarhouse that we are remodeling.
  • when was the last time you cried? last night, i was sick and had to be rushed to the doctor.
  • what is on the floor in your closet? shoes, and the stuff that i am hiding from jordan.
  • who is the friend that you have known the longest? sarah herdan, kami lum, hazel, devin and brady.
  • what did you do last night? got stitches for the first time.
  • what inspires you? children and people that are dedicated to them selves and their dreams.
  • what are you afraid of? car wreaks and loosing someone you love.
  • how many cars have you had? 8... 74 bug, saturn, rodeo x2, 98 civic, 01 passat, 06 equinox and my 07 durango.
  • how many keys are on your key ring? 3... i hate to many keys, it reminds my of janitors.
  • how many years at your current job? almost a year, but 3 raises since then!
  • favorite day of the week? saturday... cause i can try and sleep in.... it usually never happens though.
  • where have you lived? orem ut, laie hi, honsdale pa, provo ut, moreno valley ca, mission beach ca, escondido ca and sugarhouse ut.
  • first cd you ever bought? four non blondes and blondie.
  • favorite vacation? the 'cadillac' summer with my family, and my europe trip in high school.
  • favorite tv shows? lost, desperate housewives, grays anatomy, private practice, two & a half men.
now i tag... betsy, denae, jill and anyone else who would like too!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

hangin with mr. and mrs. smith

this weekend we did a family date with the smiths. which thanks to the blogging world we have reconnected and stayed in touch for the last little bit, funny huh... yippie!
we drove down for a an evening with micah, jill and co. at kangaroo zoo in pleasant grove.
kasey got into it and was having a blast. he and i had a race in this one jumpy thing, going in opposite directions. the first time he knocked me down, the second he knocked me out! he thought that he would just put his shoulder into it... yeah, right in to my chest!

it was fun... we were running around breaking a sweat like little kids...
we had fun diving over the inflatable jungle gyms that they had there and jumping down the slides. jill and i were getting looks from the other moms there... you are never to big for this kind of stuff!
jord made friends with taj and his cousin... and were wild indians all evening!

thanks again guys for the fun, and did everyone know what a great cook jill is? yummy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

an aj apron!

yay i just won a one of a kind apron from aj-matic!
thanks aj! i'm so excited, now i don't have to wear jordans little gingerbread one from old navy...

don't know why, but i have really wanted an apron lately. my mom sent this one for jordan at christmas and i have become fond of it. it all started one sunday when i just didn't want to get dinner preparations on me and just didn't want to go change, so on came jordans apron... and the apron and i have been friends ever since!
so now, i am really excited to have a new one just for me! thank goodness for creative people!

zoo in the snow?

hey jordan, what so you want to do today?
the zoo!
nevermind that it was cold outside and snow on the ground! we went to the zoo... surprisingly the animals that were usually sleeping were up walking around and being playful! and yes, i suppose that it was nice not to have the crowd...
at first i thought we were crazy... the cold breeze was cutting at my face, but as the day went on, we really started to enjoy ourselves!

we followed some peacocks around...
got 'velcro' kisses from the giraffes...
it was fun... the cougars were up, all the monkeys were out playing around and baby giraffe looked like she was going to topple over.

we also stopped by 'this is the place'... kasey and jord had never been there and it was just across the street.

it was cool, jordan had fun in the snow while kasey and i read everything... we will have to come back in the summer and walk around the whole park.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

to my best buddy, i'll always love you!

kasey keeps asking if i should do this post now or not, just looking out for me, he doesn't want me to fall apart i suppose. my mother called this morning, i wasn't really able to talk, she told me that she was going to call me later, then betsy called hours later and told me that something bad happened... my remarks... 'it can't be that bad betsy you aren't crying'... she said, 'yeah, i'm going to right now'. after a few attempts, i couldn't really hear through the tears, finally i heard the word.... uma.
i don't think i had cried that hard since... i can't remember. uma just made it past her 10th birthday and has seen me through the worst of times. she always knew when i was down, knew when i was happy and never left my side when i was home.

you might think that it's pretty lame that i am posting about my little chihuahua friend, but that's just what she was, my buddy...

joined at the hip... well more at my arm, she went everywhere with me. she got totted to the grocery store, we sneaked into the movie theater, driving in the car and running at the beach... among many things... she always knew when i was leaving on an airplane, even before the suit cases were out... and when they were, she would jump in and lay down as if to tell me 'don't even think about it!'.

i would sneak her into the byuh library, the college houses that i lived in and she would even come to work with me at surf n sea. the japanese that would come in loved that her name was uma cause in japanese it means horse... but no, hers is the tongan meaning which is kiss... which she was known to give many of!

she would ride as my hood ornament on my skate board, sleep either on my pillow by my head or in my arm pit til she knew i was asleep then would move down to my feet and sit by my chair at dinner time... hey i don't know why???

i remember one day running on the beach down to goat island with her... she would always stay right next to me, and on the way back i decided to go for a quick dip to cool off, uma didn't want to come, she hated the water, and for every step i took towards the water i would look back to see what she was doing, as i took that step towards the water, she would take one towards home and just look at me, so i figured that if i was going to get in i had to make it quick. i took off into the water and when i came back up and look at the beach uma was there... running towards home! so i ran out after and once she knew i was behind her she turned and ran back to me! she loved the beach so much... once her feet hit the sand she was gone, running so fast her back feet would drag!

she always knew when i was home... i don't know if she would hear me in the drive way or not... but she always met me at the door... and if i didn't pick her the first time she jumped up, she would follow me around the house jumping up and bitting my butt until i did.

after i started putting these pictures together i realized that i didn't have too many of me and her together... the ones that i do are mostly prints and not in my computer collection... i started to feel bad... so these are a few of the ones that i had on the computer. i could go on and on about my little buddy uma, but i'm starting to loose it again... for some reason i am starting too feel really guilty about not being there with her... i told that to kasey, he told me that she is here with me now.

i love you uma, i'm sorry i wasn't there. thank you mom and betsy for sitting with her, that means a lot to me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

things i love!

family sand between my toes cold sheets good night kisses feeling the sun fresh snow bike riding visiting open houses a good book kasey movies laughing homemade salsa long walks puppy breath jordan scriptures butterfly kisses slippers mcdreamy rain out surfing green olives brothers hiking hoodies uma temples baby feet v8 fusion sisters dancing sand castles 4 wheel drive in the winter service people watching fresh cut grass birds chirping mommy & daddy surfing going to the park friends autumn leaves pumpkin pie hgtv being silly dishwasher bbq's being crafty full moon leaving love notes movie theater popcorn bubble baths oldies white christmas lights camping bath and body lotions cuddling bikini's summer naps kids singing huge trees traveling photography being tan star gazing sleeping in mexican food hanging out with family and friends violin sunshine getting packages or a letter ocean breeze flowers sleeping dogs summer smiling doodling creamy peanut butter teaching candles hot chocolate bon fires librarys decorating sudoku holidays jalapenos swimming cooking learning something new rollercoasters thunder & lighting
and anything else i have forgotten...

happy valentines day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

zac attack

happy birthday zac!

love you brother, thanks for being a good example and a good brother, even though you picked on me a bunch! you were still always there for me... mahalo.
one memory that comes to mind about my brother zac...
zac running for president of laie elementary school in the 5th grade and in his speech conversing with two toads. amazingly, through their little squeaks and grunts, they said that everyone should vote for zac, everyone did!

(i'd put a picture of zac as a kid, but i think that he might kill me!)

oops, hey look at that... hey betsy thought it would be okay?
cute eh?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

jordans newest cousin

yesterday we got to go up and meet
kambryn jackson henderson.
she was so itty bitty! only 3 weeks old and very pleasant. all she wanted to do was sleep so we kept tickling her nose to wake her up and she would wave her arms, open her eyes and just stare you down... like how dare you!
jordan had a blast with her cousin korben too, they don't get to see each other that often but when they do i love it because jordan and he get along so well! they are only 2 months apart and just can't get enough of each other! he is just a sweet heart!
korben told his mom and dad the other day that he changed his mind and that he want a baby brother instead. he told his mom to put the baby back in her belly until she turned into a boy!
so kami decided that she was going to take care of business and i got nominated to freshen her up... almost done, about to close up shop and she farted... now i didn't get it that bad... just a bit right on my lip... mmm... but right before i started changing kami, brandon, kaseys brother, told us that she did that to mandy the other day and she was nearly completely covered... so i got the mandy from little kambryn... my my, she's got some talent!
kasey and i fought over baby holding rights almost the whole day... we decided that we need to have twins so that we don't fight over the little one... you think? i kept getting the look... the 'i want one' look... i know how you feel KB.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


happy birthday luke!
i love you brother!

(this photo reminds me of velzy!)

one memory that comes to mind today...
luke doing the limber chicken with the cat in the cargo pocket of his shorts...

heres to a talented, loving brother! i love you, happy birthday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

oh helen...

today is the 9th anniversary of my grandmothers passing. i know that this might be a bit weird, me posting about my late grandma moffat, but in the last week i have been doing a lot of thinking about my life, where its come from, where it is and where it's going, and my grandma was a big part of it. so here's to you grandma! i only wish that i had paid more attention and learned her many talents while she was here, i regret that...

(my pops and his mom)
~her love for the gospel, books, sewing etc., traveling and cats
~postum and toast
~purring in your ear
~bright pink lipstick and permed hair
~her nation geographic collection, she had every single one!
~stopping to say 'i love you' on my way out the door to seminary when she would come to stay.
~seven brides for seven brothers
~timely birthday cards (they always know)
~button collection
~always calling us by our full names
~paying for my trip to europe
~her love for purple and orchids
~crossword puzzles
~the letter we received in the mail from her the day after she passed
~hundreds and hundreds of watch bands to match every outfit
~perfectly filed nails
~jello with veggies
~all her little nick nacks from around the world
~when ever times are good or bad, laying on the lawn at her grave for a long chat!
~doing a great job raising my pops and being a great grandma!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

kasey's news...

bishop called and wanted to meet with us this evening cause it has been about 6 months since our last chat...
we sat and caught up for a bit and then he said that he had a question for kasey... he wanted to extend a calling to him... now lets see, what kind of calling would kasey get? oh um, only the assistant boy scout director! what a wonderful calling for him! he loves the out doors, teaching kids new things, and he is just so stoked! in fact he just asked me when he gets to start! i am so happy for him! i know that he is going to do great and have fun doing it!
he just told me that he was excited to tell all his customers and co workers tomorrow... i told him that he gets to wear a scout shirt that has patches on it and he got all excited! and just so you know, he has never had a calling before and he just can't stop smiling! i told him of all the tings that he gets to do (my mom was a den leader when i was growing up and so i got to do everything the scouts did), all the patches that the scouts earn that he gets to help them achieve... i am so proud of him, i love this guy!
bishop said that they are still working on giving me a calling... kasey told him to put me in with the babies!