Thursday, December 27, 2007

weekend warriors

so what did i do over my christmas vacation? well it wasn't as relaxing and tranquil as this photo... i was what you call, cheap labor... we attacked our house. last year we did the kitchen, this year... i wish that i had a picture of jordan's room before we started. for the past two years jordan was in the room that was the den while her room was torn apart. naked walls, hard wood floors, nasty old wall paper and a corner where the little closet used to be. we never had time to get her room done, so for christmas kasey and i worked our butts off for the ultimate christmas present... jordans room!

after sheet rocking it all, paint, a new bigger closet that kasey framed, and new carpet her room was almost ready for chirstmas...
while doing her room we decided to do the hall and the den. these old houses need lots of TLC. kasey tore out the hall closet to build a new one and i have been with out a laundry shoot... i didn't realize how much i love that thing! now i have to throw everything down the stairs... i can't wait until its finished... i'm so lazy.

this is the den right after we tore out the carpet... mom, sorry we covered it back up again... it would take a lot of work to get the wood looking good again.
once again... tear down the 7 layers of wall paper, open the closet, new carpet and paint... currently breathing easier... no more dust and junk!

the final product....

jordans room turned out great! she loves her new bunk beds and gives her self naps about every three hours and puts herself to sleep around 8pm... except on christmas when she climbed up to the top and yelled,
"i'm tired, i'm going to sleep"
this was around 6pm christmas eve... i thought to myself, self... this is good, santa has to get to work! plus i could get used to this early to bed thing!

her second favorite thing in her new room... her closet! she actually has one! before all she had was a dresser... i had her closet:)... once we hung everything up, she went crazy and tried everything on... she loved the fact that she could see everything she owned.
yeah, i know, we still need to put the doors on.


Mitch & Amy said...

You had a busy holiday! How are you? We'd love to get together sometime.
Your blog is darling -- love it!

John and Lindsey said...

Hey! Glad you found us! I love Jordan's room- I didn't know you were a mom this whole time either!

I'm glad to finally get caught up!

Sean, Jen and Carson said...

Beautiful! Now can you come do my room?

Kirstin said...

You are so talented! Her room is like an IKEA model. That's a great Christmas present for Jordan. And now that you're not so busy I have some projects for you also. Give me a call.

Molly Malia said...

her room is total ikea! isn't that funny? hey, it saved me money!

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Hang in there, remodeling is an adventure to say the least. My husband and I have remodeled three homes to date, and helped a friend pretty much do theirs also. But I love it, nothing is better then having it just like you want and knowing that you did it. What a lucky girl to get a new room for Christmas, that would definetly have topped my Christmas list when I was younger, heck it probably would now too.

betsy said...

molly it looks fantastic! great work guys!!

Nicole said...

Molly! :) I love what you've done to her room! It's gorgeous! I'm so glad I found your blog through Lindsey's.

I live in downtown SLC, so we'll have to get together sometime! :) Have a Happy New Year!

malia said...

so glad you found me. now we can be blog buds. :) hope ya have a great new year.

Steph said...

Molly Malia Moffat Henderson, I'm so glad I found a link to your blog through Malia's, who also recently found my blog! So random!

It looks like youre doing well. Congratulations on getting married this year!

Add me to your SLC gathering with Nicole because I'm moving there in July! We're thinking of the Sugarhouse area so we could be neighbors!

If you want to catch up on my boring life, you can see it on and you can link to Marissa's blog from there.

Steph (Borup) Ford

Steph said...

Molly, I saw your comment, but I need your email address so I can send you a quick update. Just email me at when you get a chance!