Friday, December 31, 2010

the next chapter... potty

merrick is so proud...

...of his choo-choo's.

he has quite the collection of thomas the train. books, pjs, dvd's, tracks and trains, a back pack...

and the latest edition to the merrick obsession...

big boy b-b-d's...

to which he wears over his diapers...

he has been so good about letting me know that he has to go (i think he does cause he knows he gets a lolly pop)... he likes to sit perched high on his throne... he looks at books and flexes his arms like hulk when he poops. i love that kid!

xoxo, mollymalia

Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas 2010

kasey thought this was just torture and almost didn't had merrick over to santa.. he began screaming when we stepped inside the santa shack in sugar house...
but as for me... i wanted the picture! and besides, the ones of the screaming kids are the best!!! does that make me a bad mom? santa had a hard time holding him... but, on the other had, i don't blame merrick... santa smelt like b.o. and soggy, stale cigarettes.
last years photo was just to pleasant... christmas 2009

Monday, December 13, 2010

knox @ 2 months

so my little pal went in to get his shots today... it didn't go as well as merricks... ox cried til we got to the car. poor guy!
so here are his stats...
weight: 10lbs. 15 oz. (32%)
lenght: 22.5 in. (33%)
head: 39.5 cm (38%)
vs. merrick at 2 months
height: 24 in (88%)
weight: 10 lbs 12 oz (24%)
head: 39.5 cm (41%)
currently ox loves to eat... sleep... and cuddle.
he can roll from his tummy to his back... loves tummy time even gets a few push ups in! it so cute!
he is smiling a ton, coos and laughs.
i'm glad that i have another great sleeper... i put him in his bed at 6pm awake... it takes him about 5 min to fall asleep on his own... then he wakes at 2am to eat and then is up at 7am.
he hates his car seat... but sleeps in the car... as long as the car is moving... red lights and stop signs are no longer his friends.