Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon Bitner Hinkley 1910-2008

next to president david o. mckay, president hinckley was the the oldest living prophet. he became president of the church in 1995. in march 2005, hinckley, together with thomas s. monson and james e. faust, celebrated their tenth anniversary as the first presidency—the first time in the history of the church that a first presidency had continued for such a period of time without personnel changes.
at the time hinckley became president of the church he had dedicated 23 of the church's 47 temples and had rededicated four of the remaining 24. while president of the church the number of temples worldwide more than doubled, to more than 120.

when waking up this morning i had a strong feeling to want to spend the afternoon at temple square. with kasey sick and jordan and i just hanging out and playing around we never got the chance to go down and walk around the temple grounds.

this evening as kasey and i were watching extreme makeover home edition the news cut in with a breaking report. you know that feeling when you know that it is something important that is just going to make your heart sink... i got it and they hadn't even said what had happened. when they mentioned that an hour ago president hinckley had passed away in his home. my heart just sank. i called my mom and told my sister the news. i didn't know what to say, and neither did she. for those of you who know me, know that i'm not a regular church goer for the last couple years. kasey and i had just been talking earlier this evening that we want to go back to church and become dedicated to what we believe and what we have been taught, for many many reasons. once we heard the news of president hinckley, a very amazing man whose words and example have helped me through so much in my life and has helped my testimony grow so much, i started to cry, feeling guilty for the way that i have been living and the desire that i have to become a better person over all. i don't know what to say. like my mom said things like this effect you in different ways and make you realize things. things that will make you stronger.

"standing for something" is by far one of my favorite books. the 10 neglected virtues. i read it for the first time in 2000 while going through a very difficult time in my life. i have since read it more times then any other book, other then the book of mormon. everytime i read it it is almost like it tells me something more then the last time that i read it. i have about 4 copies of it they are all marked up and have been loved. reading this book along with the book of mormon temple attendance and my parents, helped me strengthen my testimony and get me through some tough times.

growing up in laie, i had many opportunities to see him and to hear him speak. i don't think that i can even count how many times he has come over for dedications through out the years. but what a wonderful experience that was for me growing up. he has done so much for the church especially through his 13 years as prophet. the growth in church membership, temples, etc. what a very inspirational and loving man he IS.

“firm as the mountains around us”
“i see so many good people everywhere—and there’s so much of good in them. and the world is good. wonderful things are happening in this world. this is the greatest age in the history of the earth.”
“be believing. be happy. don’t get discouraged. things will work out.”


Star Gazer said...

What a wonderful tribute! Thank you for sharing this. :) President Hinckley will be really missed.

Gehrets said...

That is so awesome. I know it is sad but I think his passing will affect many people in a Great way. You are awesome Molly!

star said...

I agree with you and appreciate your thoughts. Growing up in Laie has come to mean so much more to me now that I am living on the mainland. Just thinking about all the conferences, devotionals, and graduations in which I have heard leaders of the Church speak seems to much more important now.

Mitch & Amy said...

My favorite thing about President Hinckley is that he made everyone feel like they could do better, no matter how far they had fallen, or what rock bottom they had hit, we can all do better. Not in the guilt trip kind of way though, more in the I love you so much and want what's best for you kind of way!
What a nice tribute you've shared. Thank you.

ashley said...

great post molly. he will be sooooooooooo missed. i can't imagine confrence without his smile and funny little jokes. he was an amazing man.
and your an amazing girl- you and kasey are the best and we love you so much!

betsy said...

very nice thoughts molly

AJ said...

Molly thank you for your beautiful words. And you can do it! I believe in and will be thinking of you and rooting you on!

malia said...

beautiful thoughts! i really enjoyed reading this.

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet Molly. Thanks.
Sorry this doesn't seem quite appropriate for this post, but I need to know. Really you would do it out the window?? On a highway??? You couldn't see the road though!