Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy turkey day!

hope everyone enjoyed the fattening festivities!
hey, it's not all me i swear, its the turkey dinner! what do you think of kaseys art work? he thought that it might be a bit inappropriate to put a bulls eye on the turkey but you know that if it wasn't on "the boy" he would have! "the boy" was loving it... as the marker would more across the belly he would roll with it and kick here and there. it was cute! that's how father and son bond these days i guess.

love you all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sorry once again for the lack of posting...
not much is going on here... just getting stuff together
and trying not to over do it like kasey says i do.

but please can any one tell me if they, when nearing the end, just had a bit of a crying breakdown?
i had one the other night in the tub. the doc said that "the boy" could came anytime now and he would be fine, and that it is normal and that just sort of got to me....
i began thinking of the labor... and wished that i could just twitch my nose and i would be holding "the boy".
then i started thinking about my post prego body... i can't even remember what life was like before the belly. am i going to miss it?
and then there is the getting away with eating anything at anytime... i'm going to miss that.
but one thing that i am looking forward too, sleeping on my belly.
i don't know, "the boy" and i just have this special bond already... even so with the daily hickups... i'm going to miss toting him around like this.

sorry no picture... i'm just rambling today. okay?

Monday, November 10, 2008

1 down 27 to go!

jo lost her first tooth yesterday!she had been bugging kasey for weeks now to pull it out... but it was just not ready. yesterday i think the idea of being all grown up and loosing that first tooth was all she could think about... plus
one whole dollar from the tooth fairy... jo went into the bathroom and soon came running out with the tooth in a peice of toilet paper! she said that she just went in, tugged and it was out!
no blood... she was stoked! so were we!