Thursday, January 29, 2009

introducing mytumbleweeds

well, i thought that with this being my 100th post,
that i would introduce mytumbleweeds on etsy. yes yes, i set up shop finally...
i have only a handful of my things up just to see how it goes.
with magnets, rings and earrings on there now...
and frames and flower presses (hopefully i'll have those on this weekend...)
what do you think?
should we have a drawing?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

me and daddy

hey, arn't you lucky, two posts from me today!
i just couldn't resist posting this photo i took of him and daddy.

one month!

one month?
where does the time go? all little koa and i have been doing is eat, sleep, eat and sleep some more... well at least he does. i try to sleep but i still feel like i have tons to do... oh well... i'm beginning to understand the power of sleep. i just wish that it wasn't so cold and wet outside... koa and i need to get out of these four walls. maybe we'll go for a drive today when daddy gets home.
i love this photo up top, he looks like his head is an orange on a tooth pick! don't worry, he is very proportioned! and once again, take his cloths off and he stops crying...
he is still such a little guy, but i'm guessing that he gained a pound this last week. yay 8 pounds, we'll see...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my little man is just over three weeks old! i can't believe it, it seems like he has been around a lot longer then that! my how time flies... i love being home with him and staring at him just check out the world. i wonder what he thinks?
he had his first big boy tub this week... i tell you what, this little guy loves being naked...
could this spell trouble?
he also on his tummy time on monday surprised us and rolled over to his back!
he was having a fit earlier this week when he was put in his car seat... we were on our way over to kaseys dad's house and the car suddenly fell silent. when we got to the house and lifted the blanket this is what we found. lights out! he was fussing and moving around so much that his beenie worked it way down over his eyes and mouth... good thing he can breathe out of his mouth!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

okay, so nevermind that merrick is almost three weeks old, i just haven't had anytime to get online to post about it... i've been having to much fun being his mother, and
spending time with mine.

lifes been a major whirl these past three weeks and i'm glad that i have been right in the middle of it. merrick wakes me at the same time every night... 12am, 3am and 6am. he is a great eater, cries only when he is gassy, and carries my mothers deep dimples and my fathers butt chin. he falls asleep on his own in his crib, but somehow sneaks out and is found sleeping on dads chest watching hunting.
last night we went to the draper temple open house. it was great... the last open house that i had been too was mt. timpanogos. the draper temple was beautiful! i can't wait til it is open for temple work. i'm glad that my mom was able to come with us and that merrick slept the whole time and only woke as we were walking to the car...
thank you mom for coming out and helping me. i really enjoy when you come to visit. i miss you so much and feel jealous of my siblings that have you everyday. i'm sad that you had to go home today.
i love you.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

hello everyone

i finally made it!
my name is
merrick kekoa farmer henderson
i was born tuesday night, december 3oth 2008.
i weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and i am 20 inches long.

my mommy cried when she met me.
i don't think that she thought that she could love a 'little' someone sooo much!

my daddy and mommy were so tired when i got here. they had been at the hospital for 26 hours already. my mommy had to be induced cause i was taking to long.

my sister jordan is really cool too.
she likes to hold me and just giggles the whole time!

well here i am! my mommy said that she will post more pictures later...
and that she is sorry that it took so long to get these up...
her internet wasn't working.

love you all, love merrick