Monday, March 31, 2008

{happy birthday to me!}

for my birthday kasey and i decided to go a little crazy... and bought this!
9 rooms, custom kitchen, ponds, waterfalls, tree lined gravel drive and a huge entertainment room in the basement... right on the middle provo in midway, kasey couldn't pass it up with all the fly fishing, wild life and amazing 360 view... and neither could i!
the commute sucks but it's totally worth it i think! plus we have come to find out that the people up there are so friendly and i just love the little shops that are around.

gotcha! april fools... more like we bought it for two nights! it was so nice to get out of the valley though and relax... it's the johnson mill bed and breakfast in midway and it was amazing. the rooms all had massive fire places and nice, i mean nice bathrooms! and the breakfast, served promptly at 9 am, were a couple of the best breakfasts that i have ever had!
we woke up and went fly fishing out on the middle provo... yeah, it was cold, and the fish just didn't like us, they weren't biting. i didn't mind though, i just like the casting part anywho, i feel like brad pitt 'on a river runs through it'. yeah, thats me. along the way we found this swing out in a field... i tried to get kasey to do it but some how he got out of it.

{notice the white, white, white torso... pathetic!}
after a long walk up and down the river we decided to head back, kasey wanted to fish the ponds. kasey was out there for about an hour or so and caught over 30 fish. talk about dumb fish! right after a cast he had a bite... and thats how it was the whole time! that made his day...

now the question from kasey about a week or so ago was...
'honey, what do you want to do for your birthday?' 'i want some place warm... i just want to hang out in my suit and play some golf.' and that was the plan, til our friends that were going with us couldn't cause of a family emergency. so kasey decided to go cold and get out the fly rods! it was nice and chilly when we got there on friday and when we woke up on sunday we had just over a foot of snow on the ground... here are the before and after photos...

oh, and i can't forget the most ono place in the valley... if you are ever going through heber, there its called snake river grill. it's a quite little ritzy place where when you walk in there is usually a wine bottle on almost every table... don't worry though, its very reasonably priced. they have the best fillet mignon and halibut... mmm.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

{will work for barbies}

sweet little bandit for hire!
i came into the room and she had this on her head. it was the funniest thing, i almost died. kasey made it for her awhile back... i don't know if its more of the bandit look that she can't pull off thats funny or the fact that she looks like one of fat alberts friends... dunno.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

{pops of the year!}

happy birthday pops!
another year and still in your twenties! here's to my smart, surfing, fun loving dad!
check out these moves!
thank you for all that you have done for me, taught me, showed me, shared, and blessed me with. i couldn't have asked for a better father!
love you old man!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

{my little penny in my pocket}

okay, so i mentioned to kasey a few weeks ago that i wanted a little sugar glider for my birthday and when we heard that they were selling them at an expo that we were at thursday evening we quickly made our way over to where they were. and out of over 20 babies that they had there we chose to bring home little penelope. all 4 oz. of her!
she is only 2 months old and her favorite thing to do is sleep. all day! and eat all night. she was really upset the night that we brought her home, then she got used to me and her environment and stop barking. yeah she barks... it sounds like a pinto trying to start. and she chirps like a bird when she eats. its so cute!

anything that she can find to curl up in she will. pockets, sleeves, your hair... or just to be cupped in your hand.
at the expo and in the car ride home her name was oz. that evening it was suca. by the next morning it was penelope. and that one stuck. it fit her well. kasey was getting upset about the constant name change that he told me that i was no longer aloud to name our kids. i told him that before we head in to the hospital, when that time comes, we will have two names... i mean i have to hold the little one before i name them so that i know it's a perfect fit. and i told him that i chose penelope cause it is a name that i have always loved and that he has already shot down for our own kids... i'm gonna have a lot of pets!

and once again, kasey and i are fighting over holding rights. we have just fallen in love with her, i mean its so easy! and now kasey is tell me that he wants one too!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

{winter frump upgrade}

kasey and i like to make little wagers every now and then. pretty much i only do it when i know that i am right and when that happens kasey sometimes backs down cause he knows, but awhile ago in one of our wagers i won $100 to any store that i want. it was right at the begining of winter so i didn't want to get a new bikini or anything summery and i didn't need anything for winter, mom just sent me a package... so i decided to hang onto it...
well yesterday after work i cashed in on that bet. and got my hair did. it had been awhile since i had my hair done in a salon and sometimes a girl just needs to be pampered.

i cut four inches off, which is a lot for me, and lightened it. kasey asked me why i was getting all dolled up for, i simply told him that it has been a long winter! do you like it?
i went to this place down the road from the house called lunatic fringe. i loved it! i really liked the place and i recommend it to anyone... ask for aly.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

{yup, you guessed it!}

or maybe you didn't, but we went to the zoo again this weekend. jord had been wild all morning and when we had gotten to the zoo we sort of just let her do her own thing. she has been doing this more independent thing lately and i think that if i just let her go and be a big girl, then she will be more willing to listen... and it showed today when the time came to leave discovery land playground and it usually turns into a 10 minute, chasing her around repeating yourself, that kasey and i usually do rock paper scissors. but today kasey, after loosing, walked up to tell her it was time to go and she said 'ok'. what the?
she made some friends there at the zoo playground too. (the two boys shown in the picture) she came running up to me hold each other hands and asked if they could go in the cave. i said sure, cause it was so cute, and they went running off hand in hand. kasey came walking up later and asked where she was and i told him she was in the bat cave making out with two boys. he got all wide eyed and sighed a sigh of a future father in the doorway with a shotgun... i thought it was pretty funny, and he did later. they were just being kiddos! and there was no making out, it was just an early april fools on kasey...jordan attempted to feed geese out of her handsvisiting temple square was great. we had never been there as a family. jords obsession was the 'pools', i'm surprised there wasn't any attempt to get in!
we had fun, and she got another picture of jesus that she has been kissing all night!

all over the map...

it seems that these days we really only get out and do things on weekends. but i guess now that it is starting to be lighter later we should be a bit more active, i hope... i'm getting a bit antsy sitting around the house these days.
this weekend we have been going non stop. jord asked us today, 'how come we don't take naps anymore?' when she says that or that she is 'just going to rest her eyes' you know that she is tired from the many things we do on the weekends.

sportsmans warehouse had some 2 month old cubs that you could hold and take photos with... we got there and stood in line, jord told us that she didn't think that she wanted to hold the little guy so we got out of line and went to the back of the store to snap some photos... after seeing the bears and how tiny they were jo wanted to get back in line, by that time the line was about a 5 hour wait... sorry jo. but we decided to go up to yellowstone bear world in idaho this summer so that we could have the fun with no lines!
we also went to a utah grizzlies game. it was my first hockey game ever and to tell you the truth, i was totally expecting a bloody, dirty game like in the movies... nope... well it started out really slow, then towards the end they really started pushing each other around... i liked that part. but now i can totally understand why there really isn't much scoring. dunno.
and we got invited to the sportsman for fishing and wildlife banquet. it was fun, but we didn't think that we would be there for 5 hours! jord was with us and was just going crazy over the raffle. she was putting in for everything while kasey and i were enjoying watching rich people putting money down during the live auction. well, jordans little raffle affair paid off, she won a transformers tackle box and a candle... and won me a very nice montana silversmith jewelry set.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i totally forgot!

i miss my old windows...

so a couple of weeks ago we got our windows replaced. i was pretty bummed about it cause we had the original windows still and they just don't make them that way anymore(1921). the classic window that really complements the house.... but we had some windows that had cracks in them and the older windows just let in the cold. and i was pretty cold. the pros about the new windows, the heat bill will be tons lower and with the life time warranty it gives us another plus when we sell the house. so i'm not going to complain. i really do love my new windows (they're still clean, and they open not painted shut!) we did our windows through american extiriors. they saw our house and wanted to use it for advertising while giving us a very nice discount. once again, can't complain... and they were done in half a day. when i drove up to the house after work, kasey was standing at the door with a frump look on his face. i thought that it was because he didn't like them, but no... it was for all the work that he is going to have to do on the house... again... particularly all the molding that we had to rip off the night before and will have to replace again!

but my question is, well i didn't let them take the old windows, too attached. i have a few ideas of what i want to do with them but i have like 20 of them. any ideas? i know that i'm going to end up doing stuff with all of them and then selling them, but i want to keep some of them. we went in to a really neat store up here by the house called the silver star and the owner buys them and does unique antique things with them. she had a bunch on display... shelves, tables, frames... i want to do something with stain glass in one of the smaller ones, and put backing on one after placing pressed wild flowers and stuff like that... but i need more ideas... perhaps better ones. dunno.