Sunday, January 24, 2010

my artist

this afternoon we had art hour. it was fun! merrick got to use markers for the first time and i thought that he did a very good job. he started out as a lefty... then wanted to hold all the pens. he was having a blast creating this master piece and i love it! even having a little taste of the brown was an event... with a brown line down his lip and chin with a 'chocolate' tongue!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


we went sledding the other day at sugarhouse... we found that it was more fun when the slopes were warn from other sledders and a bit icy... we caught more speed and more laughs... i would cause the sled to spin, it scared jord the first time i did and she called me a 'bad driver', but then on the next run she would yell at me to do it again! kasey had to convince both jord and i that it was time to go and that we could come back another time...
i wasn't to sure what merrick thought about it all. he would sort of whine like a puppy on the day down... no smiles... then when we reached the bottom he was all smiles and would try to get the sled to move some more...

it was a good day! anyone want to come with us next time??
xoxo, mollymalia
happy new year by the way!