Thursday, January 31, 2008

not just for legs...

so here we are again, taking another little flash back... back to 1992! the other day jordan and i were playing around and some how my panty hoe's (only worn in the temple, if you know me, i can't stand them other wise) made it to our heads. i think that we saw it on tv somewhere, but it took me back to a time when i was 12 and my sister betsy was 10. this picture was taken, through the screen door, by our neighbors the yangs. sorry the quality isn't that great... anyway, jordan loved it, and we couldn't get her to take it off! keeping a 5 year old entertained while kasey and i both have the flu isn't all that hard i have come to find out. kasey and i never get sick at the same time, but it wasn't hard to find things to cheer us up and give jord a evening of laughter too...

oh and i just thought that i would update you on how i looked with hoe's on my head 16 years later... what do you think? not my most glamorous shot!

cane wave tribute

check out this site, the cane wave tribute, i think that it is a great idea... i'll be there.
i will always remember his "cane wave"...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon Bitner Hinkley 1910-2008

next to president david o. mckay, president hinckley was the the oldest living prophet. he became president of the church in 1995. in march 2005, hinckley, together with thomas s. monson and james e. faust, celebrated their tenth anniversary as the first presidency—the first time in the history of the church that a first presidency had continued for such a period of time without personnel changes.
at the time hinckley became president of the church he had dedicated 23 of the church's 47 temples and had rededicated four of the remaining 24. while president of the church the number of temples worldwide more than doubled, to more than 120.

when waking up this morning i had a strong feeling to want to spend the afternoon at temple square. with kasey sick and jordan and i just hanging out and playing around we never got the chance to go down and walk around the temple grounds.

this evening as kasey and i were watching extreme makeover home edition the news cut in with a breaking report. you know that feeling when you know that it is something important that is just going to make your heart sink... i got it and they hadn't even said what had happened. when they mentioned that an hour ago president hinckley had passed away in his home. my heart just sank. i called my mom and told my sister the news. i didn't know what to say, and neither did she. for those of you who know me, know that i'm not a regular church goer for the last couple years. kasey and i had just been talking earlier this evening that we want to go back to church and become dedicated to what we believe and what we have been taught, for many many reasons. once we heard the news of president hinckley, a very amazing man whose words and example have helped me through so much in my life and has helped my testimony grow so much, i started to cry, feeling guilty for the way that i have been living and the desire that i have to become a better person over all. i don't know what to say. like my mom said things like this effect you in different ways and make you realize things. things that will make you stronger.

"standing for something" is by far one of my favorite books. the 10 neglected virtues. i read it for the first time in 2000 while going through a very difficult time in my life. i have since read it more times then any other book, other then the book of mormon. everytime i read it it is almost like it tells me something more then the last time that i read it. i have about 4 copies of it they are all marked up and have been loved. reading this book along with the book of mormon temple attendance and my parents, helped me strengthen my testimony and get me through some tough times.

growing up in laie, i had many opportunities to see him and to hear him speak. i don't think that i can even count how many times he has come over for dedications through out the years. but what a wonderful experience that was for me growing up. he has done so much for the church especially through his 13 years as prophet. the growth in church membership, temples, etc. what a very inspirational and loving man he IS.

“firm as the mountains around us”
“i see so many good people everywhere—and there’s so much of good in them. and the world is good. wonderful things are happening in this world. this is the greatest age in the history of the earth.”
“be believing. be happy. don’t get discouraged. things will work out.”

Saturday, January 26, 2008

zoo flash back...

my sister sent me this picture of me the other day. i was just in need of some old pictures. i don't know why. when i opened my email and was reminiscing, jordan walked up to me and started laughing. i asked her if she knew who that was and she told me "thats funny, it's me!". i told her no, it's me... she looked at it and said oh, then walked away. at that moment i thought for some reason that man, i was old. this picture is about 20 years old and that lion is still there and it's one of jordans highlights when we go to the zoo.
hey, water's water right no matter how you drink it!but then it goes to show that you are never to old to enjoy the little things you remember as a kid or with your kids, even if it is a bit awkward.
you see, with the zoo just up the street, when you ask jordan what it is that she wants to do, the first thing out of her mouth, most times, is the zoo! every year we get a season family pass and go about 3-4 times a month... no matter the weather. but i tell you, it's more enjoyable in the spring months.

i have come to believe that (besides toys R us) the hogle zoo is her little piece of heaven on earth. and with her, it's an all day ordeal. alice the camel, the penguins, raja the tiger, the sneezing elephant and getting itsakadoosie popsicles. our main chunk, though, is spent at the discovery play ground as she tries to make all the friends that she can before its time to go!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


i loved the photos of my nieces velzy & ivy that ashley
posted of the girls in the tub... i don't know what it is about kids and their bubbles, but jord will stay in the tub for almost an hour if we let her! and she loves to eat them...
so this photo is for ashley and her blog, i found the picture the other day and it is just one of my many favorites of jordan.


i need to share with you how much i love the movie transformers. for those of you who have not seen it, you got to! i wish that we saw it in the theater but no, i waited for the walmart special. i have never watched a movie over and over as i have this one since i was about 10. kasey and i usually watch a movie at night when we get in bed to get us tired, and that dvd usually stays in the player for a few days until we move on to the next one... but transformers has been in there for over a week, and we're still not tired of it, i have to stay up and watch the whole thing! time for a new movie? not yet... huh, who would have thought. it was done so well i thought and with just enough humor, it really keeps you entertained. go watch it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

heath ledger 1979-2008

what a shock, not what i was expecting to see or hear about today. he was a very low key actor that lived a fairly normal life. he, since '10 things i hate about you', has been
one of my favorites.

my top movies of his are:
1. 1o things i hate about you (1999)
loved it, rebellious and dreamy
2. the patriot (2000)
great job, very touching
3. brothers grimm (2005)
interesting little fairy tale, but i enjoyed it.
4. knights tale (2001)
i really liked this partial modern movie. it was good...
5.brokeback mountain (2006)
i know i know, but i thought that it was a good story and he did a great job even though this movie got a lot of crap. hey, a aussie cowboy, he looked great.
6. lords of dog town (2005)
this movie first interested me because i met one of the skaters a few years ago, but when i watched the movie i became impressed with his wide range of acting. in this movie he did good. it was almost like a johnny depp performance.
7. dark knight (2008)
even though it is not out yet, it will be interesting watching the late heath ledger in the up coming batman where he plays the joker.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

simple questions?

i saw this on a friends blog and thought that it might be fun to do...

~my husbands name: kasey
~how long did we date? 18 months
~how old is he? 34
~who eats more? kasey usually, he's a snacker, but lately me... i think that it is due to the cold weather and trying to gain health baby weight.
~who said i love you first? i did, i was so used to saying it to family at the end of a phone conversation that it just slipped out one day on the phone... i didn't say it again until he did about 2 months after.
~who is taller? kasey for sure 6'3"
~who sings better? well kasey will argue that... i mean i think i sing good, he does country great, but to keep things fair, we both are :)
~whose temper is worse? is that a trick question? we both have our days, doesn't everyone?
~who does the laundry? me, i don't trust anyone else to do it. i like my clothes coming out better looking then when they went in.
~who does the dishes? i do. kasey said the other day that he was going to start helping me, and he has! thank you KB!
~who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me always have since forever ago. i just can't seem to fall asleep on the left side.
~who pays the bills? thats me. i'm on it!
~who mows the lawn? kasey does the front yard, he likes the lines to be perfect. i do the back yard, because of course the big puppy poop. thats the only reason that i can think of why i "get" to do the back.
~who cooks dinner? we both do, either together or who ever gets home first and is hungry.
~who drives when you are together? usually kasey, but then it depends on what kind of day he had at work.
~who is more stubborn? i just asked kasey he said "you". huh...
~who is the first to admit when they are wrong? kasey and i are very competitive with each other kasey doesn't like to back down... and neither do i...
~whose parents do you see the most? kasey's cause they live about 5min away. but i talk to my mom everyday... i don't know if that counts... miss them.
~who has more friends? good question... mine are scattered all over, i don't have many that live in salt lake. kasey thinks that it is funny that almost everywhere we go i run in to someone that i know. but for the most part, we do everything together.
~who has more siblings? i do, by one
~who wears the pants in the family? asked kasey, he said "i think we know who does..." (but i think i know who really does...) okay sorry, tied for first!

simple questions sent on to betsy & ashley

Thursday, January 10, 2008

weekend warriors chapter 2

our house keeps getting some TLC.
you see besides, the two rooms, and the hall that are getting redone this season, kasey put a real hard wood floor in the kitchen! i love it! and kasey is very protective of it... the dogs didn't come in the house for about 3 days... i told him that it wouldn't be perfect for ever and so he went down to home depot and bought a new rug too!

you see the trick to getting your husband home improvement motivated is HGTV... thank you!

you see where the vent is there in the ground?, those that have been to our house know that the tile was cracked there, the vent stuck up and the floor sort of sunk there from the house settling. kasey and his dad put a new vent in, new supports and now i have a beautiful level hard wood floor! like i said before, you have to set your self up for the surprises old houses throw your way during improvements. can say just how much i love my talented husband!?

just add crown molding and i have a brand new kitchen!