Thursday, October 30, 2008

mother dear

happy birthday momma!
did i mention that i love you and that you are the funnest, silliest person i know.
you always out smart me, i look up to you and yeah, i call you almost everyday for a chat.
did i also mention that my mom and pops are coming in 2 days to play for a week? woohoo!
how about the other day when kasey told me that i am just like my mom, (silly, care free etc)
and i just smiled and said i am my mothers daughter.
i love my mom. i am like my mom. happy birthday, see you saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

just doodling today... you like?
but i also came across some fun facts about the october baby boom.

october 5th
more than 12,000 babies are born on that day- making it the most common birth date in the u.s.

the least common birthday
is may 22nd, with an average of 10,259 births. (interesting, i thought it might have been february 29th)

more babies are born
in august, with 369,000 birthdays on average. february has the fewest births- 310,000.

the most deliveries take place
on tuesdays, with an average of 13,169 births; sundays see the fewest, with 7,347 (i was born on sunday). this is at least partly due to scheduled deliveries.

the october 5th baby boom may have something to do with where it falls in the calender year:
about nine months after new years eve.

where do you fall?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

not my fault

that my internet was down.... that i am busy nesting and don't really care to call the guy to come fix it... that kasey is gone hunting again... that the tv is busted... but i am too busy nesting to care... what gives?

i did how ever get to my utah edition of my 10 year reunion from graduating from kahuku high school... last sunday... sorry, i'm just not on top of things these days... other than nesting.
so here are some photos... stolen from nicole and jennifer (kajiyama)...
ben tutor, doug shumway, j brown, will phillips, whitney (williams) phillips, jill (jackson) smith, ME + fetus and the ever fun loving kajiyama twins, jennifer moses & nicole.
it was fun to get together and laugh, meet the kiddies, and realize that none of us have really changed... besides the fact the we have kids and are married and have put on or lost a few pounds... so 10 years huh? whats the next 10 going to bring?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

it's snowing outside...
actual... real life snow...
i'm not ready for this...
didn't it just get warm?

heater on.... check!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hunters wife

i have noticed that this year kasey has not spent to much time out bow hunting... which is unusual... i think thats cause one, i'm a bit on the pregnant side and can't get out there with him... our tags are just sitting on the counter... and two is that he's gone fowl.

i mean, well he has been a member of a duck club out east of the airport for years now and also this year he has started his own goose hunting guide service on the side and has been going to wyoming and up north and well i let him go this past weekend and this what he 'collected'. he is totally in to so these last couple posts have been of kasey i just realized... sometimes i get the feeling that he thinks that i just don't share enough of him...
sorry mom, you probably don't appreciate these two pictures all that much... but i thought that i would open the window into kaseys world a bit to share with you guys.... anyone what any goose meat?

happy haunting... i mean hunting.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

okay, reason #267...

kasey you make me laugh til i pee my pants...
it's not everyday that i get to witness this side of you, but i'm so glad that i do!so last night we had the phantom ghost visit our house and he left some yum sugar cookies and a note telling us to keep the halloween spirit and phantom some other house in the neighborhood. so tonight we got a basket filled it with a grip of candy, made a sign and yaddy yaddy yadda...
and i told kasey that he was going to have to pick a house and take it over...
cause you have to door bell ditch and i ain't ditchin...
so i sent kasey out against his will
he walked a couple doors down as i watched out the window...
i instantly started laughing when i watched him honeslty tip toe up on to the porch...
gently set the treats down...
tap on the door...
then turn and book it out of there...
i didn't see him come around the car so i thought that he fell...
then i heard the bushes rustle...
and kasey come bursting over them with a huge grin on his face!
meanwhile i am dieing laughing trying to stay on my feet...
kasey runs through the door puffing and spying out the window as our 2 year old neighbor and her mom are out looking at the goodies.
i love that side of him.

happy october!