Tuesday, January 22, 2008

heath ledger 1979-2008

what a shock, not what i was expecting to see or hear about today. he was a very low key actor that lived a fairly normal life. he, since '10 things i hate about you', has been
one of my favorites.

my top movies of his are:
1. 1o things i hate about you (1999)
loved it, rebellious and dreamy
2. the patriot (2000)
great job, very touching
3. brothers grimm (2005)
interesting little fairy tale, but i enjoyed it.
4. knights tale (2001)
i really liked this partial modern movie. it was good...
5.brokeback mountain (2006)
i know i know, but i thought that it was a good story and he did a great job even though this movie got a lot of crap. hey, a aussie cowboy, he looked great.
6. lords of dog town (2005)
this movie first interested me because i met one of the skaters a few years ago, but when i watched the movie i became impressed with his wide range of acting. in this movie he did good. it was almost like a johnny depp performance.
7. dark knight (2008)
even though it is not out yet, it will be interesting watching the late heath ledger in the up coming batman where he plays the joker.


betsy said...

very nice molly. oh and i love your 1904 tidbits on the side.

ashley said...

mmm, dog town boys.

Stephanie said...

I was so sad about this...Sam and I loved him especially in Dog Town Boys. Have the figured out the cause of death?