Friday, November 23, 2007

ode to my odies...

growing up in the moffat house we always had cats. my brother zac would bring them home, or they would just follow us to the front door. and the only rule that my mom gave, was that they had to be siamese. then one day my brother came home with a little black chihuahua named kaku. then another uma, then another osa... we had always been a small dog (or cat) family.

when kasey and i met i had a small black pomeranian named hazel. she was my buddy and seemed to be a bit stubborn with kasey. on one occasion she walked up to kasey while he was sitting on the couch and pee'd on his foot... after spanking and scolding her she came back five minutes later and pee'd on his foot again. i think that was the last chapter in the history of kasey and hazel. after hazel had gone i was in the need for a puppy, to cheer me up of course. kasey told me that i could have any dog i wanted. after naming about 10 dogs that i would die to have he finally said okay to a chocolate lab. you see kasey had a dog already. a german short hair named gage who is now about 5 years old. a very hyper dog who is obsessed with playing fetch. so the day finally came that we added kona, our chocolate lab. he was so cute. there's nothing like a little puppy with puppy breath. i wish that they could always stay that way. now i have a 5 year old and a 1 year old... who compared to small chihuahua's, with small poop, small personalities, and small legs that just can't seem to get up on the bed, i've got my hands full. with the blood chilling weather now approaching they have been tromping around inside the house, and for anyone that has been to our little craftsman, oh boy... watch your step, they have a hard time just sitting still and laying down.

i love the pups though, they keep us entertained and are great company. especially when i'm home alone. when kona was about 6 months old he got into kaseys fishing gear. we heard a his cry as if he was being slaughtered. when we came running into the room he had a rapala hooked, one end in his nose, the other in his paw. there was no way we could get it out. he was freaking out i had to keep a tight grip on him til we got to the vet... since then kona has been in and out of the vet with ear infections, fevers, and a broken tail a time or two. my poor boy. last month he was faced with barbed wire for the first time. he couldn't quite figure it out, he would just run right into it and on one attempt to get to the other side to be with gage, he got hooked on his nose again... he is a bit on the clumsy side. our dog walks into walls... i hope that it is just a puppy phase. he is one funny pup though, i love my boys.

this picture is for my pops... the dogs got into some apples and i thought that it would be fun to have a picture of my "stuffed pig" for thanksgiving. my dad is always saying that kona, because of his puppy personality, is a worthless dog and that i should give him to a filipino family for thanksgiving. sorry dad, he is my boy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lets back up a bit...

i just thought that i might do a little recap on this last year... and share some pictures of what has been going on in the "life of molly". plus, i'm finally getting my pictures in order so i thought that i might share...

okay, so i get accused frequently for forgetting the camera at home and missing all the best pictures, but doesn't that happen to everyone? so here we are jumping to april... what, the first few months of the year were just a snowy blur... i tried to find a picture that showed jo's shirt better, it says "my dad surfs better then your dad". okay kasey doesn't surf but no one in utah knows that...

ah, i would have to say that finally going home after almost 2 years of being away was one of the best things that happened all year, and taking kasey and jord was the best. jordan cried on the way home and is always asking to go back to the "place with the beach by tutu and paka's". not to mention to see her best buddy velzy. it was so nice to be in a swim suit and bare feet (its just not the same in my backyard in sugarhouse).

my little buddy, the beach bum!

okay, a little bit of sisterly love.... i love my sister. if you would of asked me that about 15 years ago, well lets just say, no more cat fights... but now, my sister is my best friend and has helped me through so much that she probably doesn't even know about. thank you for being so blunt betsy. thank you for being there for me.

oh, hey, look at that, a wedding... now this is the best thing that happened all year. kasey was so handsome. when planning the wedding kasey said that i could do anything i wanted just as long as he could wear a suit... so i guess you could say that we got "our" wedding. and on july 28th 2007 we got hitched.

daddy's girls

when getting ready, jordan came up to me and said, "okay where's the isle, how we gonna do this?" she was so cute, she was so excited to be the flower girl, she was telling everyone that she had the most important part of the wedding...

jordan turned 5! next year, 16...

we had her party at 'the little gym'. with about 15 kids running around like mice, i had a blast just watching them!

and then there was the snow... this was taken after a 15 min blizzard (it felt like) while we were up in the mountains in logan, utah. this was like a month ago, i was thinking it was going to be a long winter, with snow like that, but yesterday it was about 75 degrees, so who knows, or more so, what do i know about snow and weather, i'm from hawaii.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy Halloween! so this is the first time that i have done this whole blogging thing. tell me if it suck. mom and dad were here it go trick or treating with us... i think that they had just as much fun as jordan did!

after an afternoon of carving pumpkins, decorating the house with spider webs, and making our own little pizzas which were so yummy it was time to go trick or treating!

jordan was all dressed up as herminie granger from harry potter and already at the neighbors house ready to go, the old people decided to get dressed up too, from hippies to white trash and even a witch we were ready to go...