Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{drama queen}

i keep telling kasey that when jord gets older that he is going to be the one who teaches her to drive and beat up crazy boyfriends... among things, you know, the high stress things... and i was going to do the girlie things... like dressing|style, birds and the bees and well make up... but after catching her doing this... i don't know if i should take it all way or give her lessons now.
i'm just not ready for it!
never mind that it is probably my fault, i give her all the stuff that i get but and have never liked... and i don't know why but she loves the dark colors... so when i walked in to her room today, not knowing that she was doing makeup, i asked
'where did you get the chocolate?'
'no, i'm doing makeup!'

then kasey got in on the fun and gave her a unibrow! she was so embarrassed, we had to hold for that last shot... i'm scared you guys...
i don't want her to grow up!
later this evening we were driving over to kaseys dads house and she was throwing a fit cause she wanted to go ice blocking with all the scouts and we didn't have time {she loves those guys and goes with kasey every wednesday} anyway, kasey and i were getting sick of the crying, i told her that if she made it to the light with out crying then we wouldn't turn around... she shut right up... i was feeling pretty proud of myself... til about a foot from the light she started up again! the ninny was holding it in the whole time! she has begun the out smarting process and i might add, that she is getting really good at it...
i love our little drama queen!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


another day out on the farm to get a few things done this weekend was a little bit more play than work. well we got about 3 or 4 hours in the morning worth of work on the another fence line... with me on the auger... over all that was about 70 holes that i dug so far with that thing, that really makes things go a lot quicker! but that is also about 70 railroad ties that kasey and grandpa steve had to put in. ouch, those things just arn't light!

grandpa steve is a really neat guy, that is just a kid at heart. he is so appreciative of all the hard work that kasey has been doing out at the farm... he has had that land for 6 years now and hasn't gotten as much done on it as he has since kasey and i have been going up there. no one really helps him,
but we enjoy it and kasey is good at it.

the rest of the day was spent riding the 4 wheelers around looking for fox holes and scaring the cows. and well what...
people here inland call white trash fishing
for a quick explanation of what i'm talking about... well you got the
good ol' fashioned fishing with a pole and line
and you got mafia or such using a hand gun
and then you got hillbillies that use a shotgun...

kasey was being a hillbilly.he following all the grand daddy carps up and down the creek shooting at and riddling a few with bebe's before this one decided to go belly up. man those fish are tough! after he pulled this one out steve, shar and i got in to the hunt.
so hillbilly!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

{hubba is sick... again}

okay, so the kasey is sick again. when he gets these little flu like symptoms the fella becomes a little kid... he hardly really gets sick, so when he does it gets interesting. i'm getting the hang of things in these moments that occur only a couple times a year.
so when i came home from work today and asked if there was anything that i could do for him he asked for my homemade chili. i couldn't have complained, i love it too... i usually make a batch large enough to eat all week... and he does... eat it all week... on top of everything.
so i decided to share the recipe with you all... yum!

um, lets see off the top of my head,
brown the hamburger
in a pot: half a chopped onion
2 (28 oz cans) stewed tomatoes|with the juice
2 (15 oz cans) drained kidney beans
2 (8oz cans) tomatoe sauce
1/4-1/2 cup BBQ sauce
sprinkle chili powder over top
dump in hamburger
cook medium heat for about 15-20 min.

i like to eat mine over rice with cheese... mmm that reminds me of seasider chili.
anyway, make it, enjoy it, love it, and then tell me about it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{the nations best teeth}

okay so i saw this on MSN this morning and thought i might share if you have missed it. since i work teeth everyday from all over the US, canada and europe, i can tell you where i think the best and worst are... or maybe the best dentists!

so check this out and let me know how your city rated!

100 Cities: From Worst to Best

RankCity NameGrade- RankCity NameGrade
100Lubbock, TXF-50Columbia, SCC+
99Philadelphia, PAF-49Modesto, CAC+
98Spokane, WAF-48Honolulu, HIC+
97Salt Lake City, UTF-47Bakersfield, CAC+
96Jackson, MSF-46Norfolk, VAC+
95El Paso, TXF-45Las Vegas, NVC+
94Portland, ORF-44Fort Wayne, INC+
93Tulsa, OKD--43Richmond, VAC+
92Tucson, AZD--42Charleston, WVC+
91Baton Rouge, LAD--41Lexington, KYC+
90Los Angeles, CAD--40Greensboro, NCC+
89San Antonio, TXD--39Indianapolis, KYB-
88St. Louis, MOD--38Hartford, CTB-
87Dallas, TXD--37Little Rock, ARB-
86Tampa, FLD--36Anaheim, CAB-
85Jersey City, NJD--35Washington, DCB-
84Denver, COD--34New York, NYB-
83St. Petersburg, FLD-33Atlanta, GAB-
82Oklahoma City, OKD-32San Jose, CAB-
81Billings, MTD-31Providence, RIB-
80Pittsburgh, PAD-30San Diego, CAB-
79Miami, FLD-29Wilmington, DEB
78Boston, MAD-28Seattle, WAB
77Kansas City, MOD+-27Cleveland, OHB
76Newark, NJD+-26Fremont, CAB
75Austin, TXD+-25Manchester, NHB
74Fresno, CAD+-24Toledo, OHB
73Sacramento, CAD+-23Durham, NCB
72Birmingham, ALD+-22Boise, IDB
71Buffalo, NYD+-21San Francisco, CAB
70Corpus Christi, TXD+-20Columbus, OHB
69Houston, TXC--19Wichita, KSB
68Louisville, KYC--18Colorado Springs, COB+
67Rochester, NYC--17Omaha, NEB+
66Bangor, MEC--16Jacksonville, FLB+
65Riverside, CAC--15Sioux City, SDB+
64Burlington, VTC--14Lincoln, NEB+
63Memphis, TNC--13Des Moines, IAB+
62Orlando, FLC--12Lincoln, NEB+
61Baltimore, MDC--11Anchorage, AKB+
60Montgomery, ALC-10Minneapolis, MNB+
59Milwaukee, WIC-9Fargo, NDA-
58Detroit, MIC-8Grand Rapids, MIA-
57Cincinnati, OHC-7Yonkers, NYA-
56Fort Worth, TXC-6Charlotte, NCA-
55Oakland, CAC-5Aurora, COA-
54Albuquerque, NMC-4St. Paul, MNA
53Chicago, ILC-3Raleigh, NCA+
52Phoenix, AZC-2Nashville, TNA+
51Cheyenne, WYC-1Madison, WIA+

Sunday, April 20, 2008

{are mom and dad cool now?}

okay, so when poor little miss social jord doesn't have a friend around to play with and kasey or myself are being a bit 'too busy' around the house or with work, jord has a bit of a break down...
'you guys are to big for me,
i need a friend my size to play with'

yeah, that just breaks our heart! so this weekend was the weekend of miss jordan cypress and for mom and dad to prove that we are, yes, cool.
among playing with the neighborhood kids, going from yard to yard, and nico's king arthur birthday party next door, she kept herself pretty busy for most of saturday morning.
we went to fairmont pool in sugarhouse later that day with our white pasty selves. jord has become quite the little swimmer and loves to just take off ahead...
and i don't know how, but we got her to go down the huge slide that they have. after kasey took off down it, i thought that i might have to encourage her to go, like most times, but no, she plopped herself down, scooted herself a bit and away she went for 15 seconds of winding fun! i was so proud of her! she goes through these spurts of being a little ninny and then other times she has no fear... little miss independent climbed those stairs and slid down about 10 more times all by herself.
later we went to boondocks in draper. we always drive by and want to stop but never do. it was a blast! we were there for about 4 hours... the best part... the go karts!
i think that we went on them a total of 5 or so times... jord just ate it up, saying that she had the need for speed... and that she didn't like them, she loved them!

i think that kasey loved them just as much! if he had his way he'd go there everyday until he could build his own track!
they also had bumper boats there with water guns... i was getting jord drenched and then when we looked around for dad we noticed that his gun wasn't working and took off after him! what could he have done? what would you do? he got soaked and when all was done he stood there dripping complaining about his gun and that it wasn't fun! ha! jord and i took major amusement in that!
tackling the miniature golf range was fun... on the first hole jord beat us with only two strokes! ada girl!

but then after she saw the volcano erupt that they have near by with monstrous flames she lost all focus. again, one of her 'ninny' moments. so kasey had to begin coaching her a bit.

needless to say, i think that we just may have redeemed ourselves as cool parents... what do you think? i'll tell you what kasey thinks, he's still in bed asleep and its almost noon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

{i love family visits, dislike april weather}

this PMS weather here in utah is starting to really bug me! at least though, we had a very nice warm weekend... okay so that made up for a lot of the crappy weather that we have been having lately. note to self, april weather sucks! if you're in utah that is.
so this past weekend kasey and i had decided to spend as much time as we could outside.
did repairs on the fence line at grandpa bonds farm... yeah i know how to use a back hoe and tractor.
then i put kasey to work on our own yard and planted two new aspens plus an array of plants and flowers from our summer hang out, home depot...
played a round of golf at forest dale. i must say, it took a while to get back in to it after a long winter and with it having been the nicest weekend so far this year they were completely over booked... we spent so much time sitting around waiting for a clear fairway etc... 9 holes took 3 hours and i ended up 10 over. you just can't get into it when you end up sitting around cooling off.
but the best part of the weekend...
was the visit that we had from my cousin
denae, ben and little taj.
it was so much fun... it had been over 4 years since i had seen them and they were out here from st. louis, mo... i miss them...
we went to sugarhouse bbq... mmmm! i love that place... if you are ever in the the area you gotta try it!
look at this little ham! he was such a pleasant little kid (until it came time to put pj's on) and kasey just ate him up! and denae, i love that he says tractor and cankels!
when we were at the our house later the night he was so attached to jords little stroller... he had put all his cars and 'tractors' in it and was just pushing all over the house! i loved it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

{tagged by lady brooke}

well here we go again...
but this tag can't be too bad... it's short :)

4 'people' who email me regularly
my momma, connie
bill pay
4 places i would like to visit
new zealand, tahiti, tonga... well okay the whole pacific!
costa rica, belize
4 places i have worked
turtle bay pool
byu pool and library
surf n sea
arrowhead dl
4 favorite restaurants
joni's, the best phillies!
kua'aina's... the best when they have avocados
la frontera, anything hot, saucy, cheesy, smothered in jalapenos!
does taco bell count? kasey has deprived me of it!
4 things i am looking forward to this year
going back to hawaii, seeing my family & friends, surfing, getting a tan!
getting some great news either from the box or the 'lady doctor'
getting in to shape... toning
finish the house
4 things i am not looking forward to this year
working on the house
being two years from thirty
the end of summer, it's not warm long enough
having to get on a plane to come back to utah

and so the flow of tagging moves on...
betsy, denae, jennelle and jill

Thursday, April 3, 2008

{wwf family style}

it may be the long winter or just good old family fun that brought out this bit of 'gang up on dad' moment.
jord and dad were wrestling in the beginning and jo fell and hit her butt good while, what looked to me like, she was surfing on kaseys back... which brought the pillow, taped to the butt, into play... to which brought out the full pillow body getup and the war that was declared on daddy!

it reminded me of when we were kids and my brothers would torture our cats and tease the dogs. and it carries on to the kids... what would we do with out kiddos to entertain us!