Saturday, May 22, 2010


so all i can say that since my trip to hawaii with merrick and the two weeks i spent with out playing on the internet (the internet diet, a great thing) i just would rather spend my time else where... like playing with my little fella, working long hours at work and working my days around my tired achy self with a combo of dry heaving, gagging, barfing and yes, a grumpy ol me... not that i'm complaining... i'm excited to be having another wee one this fall!!

but then i started thinking about my mom... i started this blog mainly for her... so that she could see what we have been up too... and show the kids off to her co workers... so sorry mom... i'll try and be better and send you more photos so long as we get to talk everyday still!

we went to visit grandma helen... like i do every year down in orem. when i lived closer i used to stop by all the time and just lay there on the lawn and chat. i would imagine my kids sitting with her telling her what to tell me and to be happy.
as we were walking back to the truck, merrick turned around and waved to grandmas head stone. he then waved and said 'bye bye'.

but this here is a great photo of what we have been up to these days.... independent merrick... so i better go... until next time... when ever that may be!

xoxo, mollymalia