Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blessing day 11/14/10

knox was wearing the same aloha suit that merrick wore about a year and a half ago... merrick was about 4 months when we blessed him... the top fit fine, the bottoms we couldn't pour him in to. knox on the other hand, fit the shorts, but was bursting at the buttons around the belly! at about 5 weeks!? knox is our 'el tubbo'.

the scratches, by the way, were done about 10 min before he was blessed... so it made it great for pictures... right? and why not... one didn't want to take pictures, one couldn't sit still and the other was just chillin.... why not. something to look forward too during all family photos...
xoxo, mollymalia

autumn leaves

kasey got out the leaf blower a few weeks ago... merrick loved it. anytime he heard it go on he would run to the door. these leaves were the first round to fall... oh how i love my maple trees!
i guess its a good thing that we no longer have big dogs with big poops in our back yard.... that would have been one stinky merrick... still, some how he had leaves and dirt in his diaper... boys! love em!

xoxo, mollymalia

Saturday, November 20, 2010

really... been busy... okay! its only been over 3 months since i last posted... this is just the begining... i'll throw some more on in the next couple days!


xoxo mollymalia