Wednesday, September 30, 2009

merrick is 9 months?

wow, so this little fella is 9 months! it blows my mind! well it blows my mind everyday... i guess that will never get old. this morning i took the fella in for his 9 month check up... he was all smiles with the doc and was flirting with the nurses... ham.

so here are his stats...
weight... 17 lbs 10 oz (8 percentile)
length... 29 in. (71 percentile)
head... 45.5 cm (52 percentile)
now this is a boy of many toys! he loves them! and if he doesn't have a basket of toys there in front of him he will make his way over to the shoe rack or the books on the floor of the office. i guess that it wouldn't just be the toys he loves... the basket is a major toy as well. he removes all the toys after a while and we will come in to find that he has all but his knees and feet sticking out of the basket.
his new things... calling out for 'mama' when he has pooped his pants.
pulling the plug at the end of his tub. promptly giving kisses when mom says 'give mommy kisses' but when daddy asks he just pats his check. army crawling everywhere but on the hardwood floor. falls asleep at bed and for naps all on his own and the only thing that wakes him up... the toilet. has four teeth. has gotten one hair cut, well trim, already. talks and talks! is fascinated with the blow dryer and will come right next to me so that he can get 'blowed on'. shakes his head for no, biggest smile in the world for yes! he chats anytime he is in the car. loves bugs and will try and pinch ants when he finds them. holds up his star when you ask 'where is twinkle twinkle?' points at the trees only when the leaves are blowing in the wind.
his new love... food! mainly fruits like avocado and cantaloupe. loves a whole slice of bread with out the crust and will devour ravioli!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a two post month...

has it really been almost three weeks since i lasted posted something?? sorry about that...
we have been busy...

mainly this guy...
two weeks ago he had a nasty fever that lasted 5 days! the highest... 103.8! but during the late mornings and afternoons he would get down to about 100.6. it was so sad... he was really cuddly, wouldn't eat that well, and sleep? what sleep? we felt so bad for him... found out that he had a major sore throat... and getting two more teeth.
then he got a major snotty nose and cough... with some nasty gala galas.
two days ago he woke up from a nap with a popped vessel in his right eye (in photo above) that quickly turned the white of his eye bloody red. so now gets meds for that and today looks tons better!
but through it all he has still been his playful, happy, laughing self! in fact yesterday i caught him army crawling around the living room!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy birthday to...

this guy...

who woke up this morning and said that he gets to do what ever he wants today!

who, out of anything he could possibly want for breakfast, asks me to make him spaghetti.

who is currently outside cleaning the trailer... sorry, rewiring and cleaning his hunting trailer... it's his birthday... i need to be more specific, so he says :)

who, i heard tell merrick this morning, he is turning 25 today.

happy birthday hubba! love you!