Sunday, November 22, 2009

dear aunt jeanie

i love you. i'm glad that you were my loving, wise, talented aunt. with amazing taste, gardening skills and a cooking guru. you were always welcoming, gentle and fun. one of the most lovable women that i know! i loved spending my summers at your house... eating wonderful treats... playing with the animals... making memories with cousins... playing at the dunes... sneaking your pickled beans and jams out of the cellar... looking at old family photos and hearing stories... i feel like i had a life full of memories but yet had a sleepless night thinking of all that i thought i had missed out on. but had just come to the conclusion that i was very lucky. very lucky to have you as my aunt.
i love you. thank you. and you will always be here with us. take care of the boys.

xoxo mollymalia

this was the last trip we took this summer... so here is the link to another post.
and here is another one from the summer before. enjoy.


Diego and Sam Jo said...

Hope your ok. It sounds like she was the perfect Tia {Aunt}!

Amy said...

Many of my same thoughts, but you put it into words much better than I could have.
I can't seem to stop thinking about so many childhood memories. Thanks for writing this!

ashley said...

Thanks Molly! What a great way of describing your memories. I feel the same way.