Sunday, December 20, 2009

happy holidays 2009!

sorry that i have been absent from the blogging scene. things have been a bit crazy here with the holidays and my aching back and neck. also kasey working a ton, plus
i promised myself that i would spend more time with my little fella then on the computer wasting time. with his first birthday in a couple weeks i realized that this past year had gone WAY to fast and that my kitchen could wait. my tv show can wait. that i could fold my laundry after bed time.


i hope that everyone has a great holiday season! our visit to santa went great. no tears. only a shy jordan and waiting for 15 min. in 28 degree weather to sit on the ol boys lap. these two were stoked!

xoxo, molly malia


Smiths said...

What a great Christmas picture! Merrick must be a brave little guy.

Norris Family said...

I can not believe he is already coming up on 1. Thats insane!!
I am going to have to take to heart your re-prioritizing, thanks for reminding. Miss ya!! Hope to see you soon

ashley said...

just showed the pic to yo mamma, she liked it, of course. i can't believe merrick is not screaming his head off! way to go! and i double can't believe he is going to be one soon! so nuts!