Friday, November 6, 2009

halloween 2009

sorry these took so long to get up... but you know how it goes... we had tons of fun! paka was here... started out doing a corn maze... came home, we all dressed up, turned the orange lights on out side and walked over to the stoddards house for the hot dog roast. trick or treated around the neighborhood... cotton candy at the dewals... hot chocolate at the denisons... very fun night!

jordan was a vampire... she has been talking about being one since about march of this year... she had a blast... and loaded up on tons of candy... which i proudly raided after she went to bed... come on what parent doesn't do that?? jord had a hard time keeping those fangs in due to the fact that she has not front teeth... meaning three on top are gone... but man, it looks like all six anterior teeth are missing!

this fire breathing diaper wearing dragon is merrick! for the last month he has been wearing his dragon legs around the house, he loves them! every time he sees the costume hanging in the closet he races right over to it and has a huge grin as he watches me take it down and put it on him!
kasey had been a lumber jack the night before at a party we attended. ax, spenders & flannel... oh my! he fit the part to a T. but when we went out halloween night around the neighborhood he decided to go with the biker beard.
my pops was here! i think that it is becoming tradition to have my parents here for halloween... i seriously don't mind! pops was the devil... yeah right, no evil plots going on here... but we did joke about my dad wearing no shirt with only the sequenced bow tie (shown here) in a photo shoot for my moms xmas present... mom watch in the mail for your chip n dales portfolio.

and then there is me... dork... at work we dressed up as flies in our department and one of the guys dressed up as a turd... ha ha we got most creative though! later that night i was cleopatra. head to toe... beaded head piece, arm and wrist cuffs... gown and sandals for the party... but like my other half... wig did just fine while out with the kids... good call though cause it kept my head warm!

xoxo, mollymalia


ashley said...

oh boy. can we pitch in and get a poster made of those shots of paka for their house ;)

the rug rats looked great too!

worked on mr m's quilt- it's almost done. put a pic on my blog, hope it's not ruining the surprise, but it's super cool and i couldn't help but post it!

iMaLLheaRt said...

cute! glad you had fun!

Norris Family said...

Cute cute halloween costumes. I love that your parents come and visit often. Makes living so far away not as lonely. I wish mine would do the same.
Jordan's costume, Awesome and completely terrifying!!