Tuesday, June 17, 2008

yo yo idaho

we took a little road trip up to parker idaho to my aunt and uncles house.
i love that place and it was the first time that kasey and jord had been there.
we did so much, so here i go to fill you in!we took a break out by the rexburg airport with aunt jeane while watching the air show. it was really cool, the planes were super loud and it was cool to watch them drop from the sky straight down and pulling up like 5 feet off the ground... i cringed every time.
our next stop was yellowstone bear world. it was fun!
there was so much to do there and because it was fathers day weekend
kasey got to do some of the stuff for free.
they had a ton of baby bear cubs rolling around,
a petting zoo...

with a pregnant doe and some two week old triplet baby deer.
a moose named stilts, tons of elk, free carnival rides...
and besides letting you drive through the park you can ride in the back of a
topless bus and actually feed the bears and other wild life.
it was so cool.

jord loved it when the bears would wave for their food.
it was so cute, they would sit right back and throw their paws in the air.
but out of 28 black bears only 5 came out to see us.
the st. anthony sand dunes and egin lakes was so much fun.
i remember going out to the dunes with all the cousins and playing all day!
i loved it, but this was the first time that i had gone to egin lakes,
a natural spring where you can see the water bubbling up from the ground.

the rest of the time was spent at the cabin hanging out in the hot tub, eating,
chatting about the flowers,
playing with the cats, maggie & patty, and of course riding bikes...

thank you jack and jeane for letting us come visit!
we love you!


Da Denninghoff's said...

You gotta love road trips. Way to be adventurous!

lance n sarah said...

How fun to have a nice get away! You look good. i can't wait to see the baby bump start to grow bigger.

Jennifer and Lance said...

hey molly-- so nice to see your blog and catch up with you and your life. my hubby and i are still in utah and expecting our first anyday now. we also have a blog at http://themoseskazoku.blogspot.com/. i'd love to keep in touch. take care.

betsy said...

I'm jealous of your fun trip. The Yellowstone animals - how cool is that? Aren't Maggie and Patty the best cats ever? Glad you had a good time. Keep on cooking that baby.

Denae said...

How are you feeling little Ms?? Are you finding out what you're having? Who knew Idaho could be so much fun!!? Those bears are scary though. I don't care if they wave for food or not, but they could have killed you guys!

Aubrey Jane said...

We might be going up to Bear World this summer too. My Dad has just discovered it and really wants to go and take all of his grandchildren with him. Was it really fun?

ashley said...

so cool! i want to go there so bad now! if we are in california next year, we will all have to go up there together! that would be so fun!
love ya.

oh, and when is a good time to call you??