Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson 1958-2009

totally bummed yesterday... the power was out at my house so i had no idea until my mom called me crying... the girls in the moffat family really like this guy and his music. i remember i cleaned the whole house once to earn his 'history' album. i remember standing in line for over 4 hours, with my mom and betsy, to buy tickets to his history concert on new years day... which was the most amazing concerts i have ever been too! we came home with shirts, pins, posters and even a book.

i mean really, who didn't know the lyrics to his songs, the moves to thriller or smooth criminal? come on, this guy had talent... he is the king of pop!

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Denae said...

Yes mam he was. It is so awesome though that you guys got to go see him in concert. I wish I could say the same.