Tuesday, June 9, 2009

growing fast

so lately fella has been so into watching us. watching how we pick stuff up, how we eat... it is amazing... i bet the wheels in his mind are going a mile an hour. i think that is great! he loves to watch his hands, grab things around him, and watch simpsons and for those in utah that watch fox 13 news, kerri cronk. it is hard to feed him when she is on... he loses all focus!
he loves to spend time on his belly lately and has figured out how to pull his knees up under him... i think that i am going to have to baby proof fairly soon here!

he still has to be bundled at night... we tried with out but he put up a fight... and i found that he sleeps better if i take him out side for even a couple minutes right before i put him down... it is his time to feel the breeze, listen to the birds chirping, watch the sprinklers and pat the dogs on their heads.

fella is seriously all laughs! he will even just lay and laugh at the movements he makes with his own hands. last night we had him going for about 5 minutes straight all kasey was doing was moving his stuffed animal back and forth. i love my fella... like kasey said last night, you could have the worst day but he makes it all better. everything is worth it. i think that is true for everyone!


Mickell Gehret said...

He is getting SO big Molly!! What a handsome little guy! I can't wait to meet him...and see you to! My mom has the swine flu (courtesy of the MTC) so as soon as we are all clear, I will give you a call...I would hate to pass it on to your little family.

Ginger said...

Hey there stranger! I just went and saw your family on Sunday and hung out at the beach with betsy and niki today! You do have the sweetest family. On our way home from you mom's rigby asked me who grandma connie was because she wasn't mine or eric's mom. I told him she's our adopted grandma and he started to cry because he loves her as a real grandma :)

Angie said...

he is so beautiful. what great blessings children are. i love seeing the pictures.

so, yes, i am very excited for the ring. did i give you my address already? in case not:

angie whittemore
39-15 62nd st. #44
woodside, ny 11377

thanks again! (and no wonder you've been so busy....!)