Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we've been busy!

sorry we have been busy... we have had some visitors!
my sister betsy, kris and little niki came to stay for just over a week.
it was so fun! i miss being able to hang out with my sister, so it was nice to have her and company here for a bit!we did so much stuff...boondocks... oquirrh mountain temple... the zoo sunday afternoon for a few hours... it was fun... but so hot. we thought that we would get there early to beat the crowd and the heat... but still got both...
on the way out we found a hose over by the camels and kasey started hosing us... until someone cried.

we also had the chance to hangout with these two handsome devils... rockwell and ezra my cousin amy's twins. man they have grown up fast! i better enjoy my pint size fella while he is still small... soon he will be crawling and that is a whole new exercise for me!
thanks again mitch and amy for letting us come over to see you guys! we had tons of fun... we should get together again soon!

it was fun to have the kosi's here for the fourth... we had a bbq (kris did carne ascada ) with ben and janzell tutor... we walked over to sugarhouse park to watch the fireworks... and then came home and played settlers of catan (geeky i know... but seriously addicting!)
i love this little munchkin! i love it when she yells auntie from the back of the car... slaps your butt as she walks by... splashes water at the dogs off the deck so that they jump high to try and catch it in their mouths... plays with dora on the floor and thinks that merrick is going to take her toys while laying on his belly three feet away (gogo gadget arms!)... and i love her laugh... singing... and her pickle breath.
miss you guys tons!
and we hope everyone had a great fourth of july!


Shelley~Maren said...

Merrick is the cutest baby on that blanket! (No offense to your cousins' babies, but I don't know them. ;) )

I LOVE Settlers of Catan! It's SO fun and it's NEVER the same game twice! Brilliant (and a little geeky!) Looks like you had a lovely 4th!

betsy said...

ahh, now i want to come to play more.
great pics.
i love you and miss you.

ashley said...

you guys had so much fun!

i think we are going to come up in the fall! unless there is another foreign country calling our name! ha, year right!

Amy said...

It was so fun seeing you guys! Come over anytime. Now the pool is ready, you should come out and swim!