Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the best kind of food

is that kind that is all over your face!

is it snot or is it bananas? we'll never know...

even his clothes look like they were gettin some!
merrick loves to hold the spoon when we are done... he continues to feed himself and sucking on it and then drops it as if to say he's full.

now that, i think is snot... yum,
we just got rid of our snotty nose this weekend... sooo happy!

hi friends, merrick here...

just wanted to say hi! it's so much fun being me...

i love to eat... everything! but peas... me no likey. my favorite is prunes, carrots and sweet potatoes.

i love being on my tummy and now doing push ups. mom and dad cheer me on and sing 'in the army now'...

i sat by myself today... it only lasted about 10 seconds before i fell over, but i did it!

and i hold my own bottle now while i am laying on my back.

i love to laugh and go for walks and watchin the other kids run and play.

until next time, love you all, kekoa

1 comment:

Jennelle said...

I can't believe how fast you are growing Merrick! And don't worry...I don't like pea's either (only fresh ones)

Oh and Yes I do know about Erin...Isn't that the most exciting news!!!

Hope your fam fam is doing great!