Sunday, April 6, 2008

{tagged by lady brooke}

well here we go again...
but this tag can't be too bad... it's short :)

4 'people' who email me regularly
my momma, connie
bill pay
4 places i would like to visit
new zealand, tahiti, tonga... well okay the whole pacific!
costa rica, belize
4 places i have worked
turtle bay pool
byu pool and library
surf n sea
arrowhead dl
4 favorite restaurants
joni's, the best phillies!
kua'aina's... the best when they have avocados
la frontera, anything hot, saucy, cheesy, smothered in jalapenos!
does taco bell count? kasey has deprived me of it!
4 things i am looking forward to this year
going back to hawaii, seeing my family & friends, surfing, getting a tan!
getting some great news either from the box or the 'lady doctor'
getting in to shape... toning
finish the house
4 things i am not looking forward to this year
working on the house
being two years from thirty
the end of summer, it's not warm long enough
having to get on a plane to come back to utah

and so the flow of tagging moves on...
betsy, denae, jennelle and jill


Denae said...

That's an awesome picture. Who's it by?
Give me some time on the tag... I'll work on it.

Da Denninghoff's said...

I love the wwf family video! What a classic. Jordan look cute with all those pillows. What a fun family.

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Well it does look like Logan can be looked at like a april fools joke. Eugene informed me on Tuesday that he has decided not to go to school and we will be moving to Northern Idaho. I am freaked!! I feel like every one else won the battle that thought that is what he should do instead of school and I am the one that lost the war. No fair. But I will defintely have to stop by on the way through and visit. SLC is about the mid way point between AZ and where we will be moving. Watch out though you are going to have three boys to meet and greet by then...

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Coeur D Alene, Idaho is where it looks like we will be going. It is about an hour or so from Canada so heck yeah it is up there. But load of snow and the day light is like Alaska almost because it is so much closer to the equator. Durning the summer it gets light at 4:30 and gets dark at 9:30/10:00at night. But during the winter it doesnt get light until 8:00 and is dark around 4:00. That I think totally sucks!! Not looking forward to it at all. Not sure when we will be coming through sometime the end of May or in June sometime. Definetly will have to make a pit stop and see you though. That makes the move up there a little exciting anyway.

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

Oh there is a belly shot of me a little further down with Tate when he had surgery. But I can get a more up to date one. I am little bit bigger probably then that one. But until then you can sneak a peek at that one.

ashley said...

i love that first picture, so funny, i was going to buy it the other day- patria has it up in her house!

Mitch & Amy said...

What the ? I eat Joni's for lunch like once a week!! We need to meet up for a chicken philly sometime!!