Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{the nations best teeth}

okay so i saw this on MSN this morning and thought i might share if you have missed it. since i work teeth everyday from all over the US, canada and europe, i can tell you where i think the best and worst are... or maybe the best dentists!

so check this out and let me know how your city rated!

100 Cities: From Worst to Best

RankCity NameGrade- RankCity NameGrade
100Lubbock, TXF-50Columbia, SCC+
99Philadelphia, PAF-49Modesto, CAC+
98Spokane, WAF-48Honolulu, HIC+
97Salt Lake City, UTF-47Bakersfield, CAC+
96Jackson, MSF-46Norfolk, VAC+
95El Paso, TXF-45Las Vegas, NVC+
94Portland, ORF-44Fort Wayne, INC+
93Tulsa, OKD--43Richmond, VAC+
92Tucson, AZD--42Charleston, WVC+
91Baton Rouge, LAD--41Lexington, KYC+
90Los Angeles, CAD--40Greensboro, NCC+
89San Antonio, TXD--39Indianapolis, KYB-
88St. Louis, MOD--38Hartford, CTB-
87Dallas, TXD--37Little Rock, ARB-
86Tampa, FLD--36Anaheim, CAB-
85Jersey City, NJD--35Washington, DCB-
84Denver, COD--34New York, NYB-
83St. Petersburg, FLD-33Atlanta, GAB-
82Oklahoma City, OKD-32San Jose, CAB-
81Billings, MTD-31Providence, RIB-
80Pittsburgh, PAD-30San Diego, CAB-
79Miami, FLD-29Wilmington, DEB
78Boston, MAD-28Seattle, WAB
77Kansas City, MOD+-27Cleveland, OHB
76Newark, NJD+-26Fremont, CAB
75Austin, TXD+-25Manchester, NHB
74Fresno, CAD+-24Toledo, OHB
73Sacramento, CAD+-23Durham, NCB
72Birmingham, ALD+-22Boise, IDB
71Buffalo, NYD+-21San Francisco, CAB
70Corpus Christi, TXD+-20Columbus, OHB
69Houston, TXC--19Wichita, KSB
68Louisville, KYC--18Colorado Springs, COB+
67Rochester, NYC--17Omaha, NEB+
66Bangor, MEC--16Jacksonville, FLB+
65Riverside, CAC--15Sioux City, SDB+
64Burlington, VTC--14Lincoln, NEB+
63Memphis, TNC--13Des Moines, IAB+
62Orlando, FLC--12Lincoln, NEB+
61Baltimore, MDC--11Anchorage, AKB+
60Montgomery, ALC-10Minneapolis, MNB+
59Milwaukee, WIC-9Fargo, NDA-
58Detroit, MIC-8Grand Rapids, MIA-
57Cincinnati, OHC-7Yonkers, NYA-
56Fort Worth, TXC-6Charlotte, NCA-
55Oakland, CAC-5Aurora, COA-
54Albuquerque, NMC-4St. Paul, MNA
53Chicago, ILC-3Raleigh, NCA+
52Phoenix, AZC-2Nashville, TNA+
51Cheyenne, WYC-1Madison, WIA+


betsy said...

It looks like you need to make a bigger impact on the teeth community in SLC...

ashley said...

any state i am in gets a c, just because of my presence.

Denae said...

We're only a D-. So how does a city get bad teeth??? They just don't care? I think we should compair the US to England.