Sunday, April 20, 2008

{are mom and dad cool now?}

okay, so when poor little miss social jord doesn't have a friend around to play with and kasey or myself are being a bit 'too busy' around the house or with work, jord has a bit of a break down...
'you guys are to big for me,
i need a friend my size to play with'

yeah, that just breaks our heart! so this weekend was the weekend of miss jordan cypress and for mom and dad to prove that we are, yes, cool.
among playing with the neighborhood kids, going from yard to yard, and nico's king arthur birthday party next door, she kept herself pretty busy for most of saturday morning.
we went to fairmont pool in sugarhouse later that day with our white pasty selves. jord has become quite the little swimmer and loves to just take off ahead...
and i don't know how, but we got her to go down the huge slide that they have. after kasey took off down it, i thought that i might have to encourage her to go, like most times, but no, she plopped herself down, scooted herself a bit and away she went for 15 seconds of winding fun! i was so proud of her! she goes through these spurts of being a little ninny and then other times she has no fear... little miss independent climbed those stairs and slid down about 10 more times all by herself.
later we went to boondocks in draper. we always drive by and want to stop but never do. it was a blast! we were there for about 4 hours... the best part... the go karts!
i think that we went on them a total of 5 or so times... jord just ate it up, saying that she had the need for speed... and that she didn't like them, she loved them!

i think that kasey loved them just as much! if he had his way he'd go there everyday until he could build his own track!
they also had bumper boats there with water guns... i was getting jord drenched and then when we looked around for dad we noticed that his gun wasn't working and took off after him! what could he have done? what would you do? he got soaked and when all was done he stood there dripping complaining about his gun and that it wasn't fun! ha! jord and i took major amusement in that!
tackling the miniature golf range was fun... on the first hole jord beat us with only two strokes! ada girl!

but then after she saw the volcano erupt that they have near by with monstrous flames she lost all focus. again, one of her 'ninny' moments. so kasey had to begin coaching her a bit.

needless to say, i think that we just may have redeemed ourselves as cool parents... what do you think? i'll tell you what kasey thinks, he's still in bed asleep and its almost noon!


Chuck Made Us Famous said...

I wish I had as much energy and enthusiasm as you do as a parent. Compared to your fun filled day, I dont feel like I am any fun at all. Lets face it I am a DUD!! Too bad I wasnt going to move closer to you so a little of your easy going all about joy and fun in life would rub off on me. That is one of the many ultimate best things about you!! You better just send a little of that karma my way malia girl. love ya

Smiths said...

Looks like we really missed out on boondocks. We went a couple months ago for the first time ourselves and kind of had to laugh because there were only about four other people there since it was cold. We'll have to coordinate better next time. It's amazing how much energy nice weather can give you, huh. It's a great high after such a long and relentless winter.

malia said...

fun weekend!

those flames from that volcano are hot!

iMaLLheaRt said...

Wow, what a fun day! I think you did redeem yourself...but you might have to do it again next year! haha.. ;D

betsy said...

Looks like you guys had a busy day. Your new name is "Loads-o-fun." I really can't wait to spend time with you guys and Jordan this summer.

ashley said...

your such cool parents.

kayse looks like a natural throwing that shaka.

Jennelle said...

Hooray!...My passion in life is a good game of mini golf. You guys seem like pretty hip parents to me Daddy-O. =o)

Manoa said...

I think that ya’ll just redeemed yourselves and are now the COOL PARENTS OF THE YEAR! I wish that I could say the same…our two call me the mean monster when they think I can’t hear them. I guess I need to have one of your weekends to redeem myself.

Jude Sells said...

Hey how old is Jord? She looks older than Ku'u but they sound like the same person. Ku'u also complains that she needs friends to play with and that mommy and daddy are always too busy.