Tuesday, February 12, 2008

zac attack

happy birthday zac!

love you brother, thanks for being a good example and a good brother, even though you picked on me a bunch! you were still always there for me... mahalo.
one memory that comes to mind about my brother zac...
zac running for president of laie elementary school in the 5th grade and in his speech conversing with two toads. amazingly, through their little squeaks and grunts, they said that everyone should vote for zac, everyone did!

(i'd put a picture of zac as a kid, but i think that he might kill me!)

oops, hey look at that... hey betsy thought it would be okay?
cute eh?


James and Yvonne said...

That's funny I woke up today and looked at the calendar and remembered today was Zac's birthday. Happy Birthday to sweet Zac. I love his dimples :)

John and Lindsey said...

I totally remember the toad thing cause I walked home from school with you guys that day and he was trying to throw the toads on me! Happy Birthday Zac!

Mickell Gehret said...

That is so funny...I remember the toad thing! Happy Birthday Zac. You look so Beautimus Molly!!! you little twig!!
And...I just may take you up on your offer...I wonder if UPS packages 4 and 2 year olds?

betsy said...

you should've posted the picture molly.....haha. happy birthday zac!

ashley said...

happy birthday sweet zac??? who wrote that? ha ha