Sunday, February 10, 2008

jordans newest cousin

yesterday we got to go up and meet
kambryn jackson henderson.
she was so itty bitty! only 3 weeks old and very pleasant. all she wanted to do was sleep so we kept tickling her nose to wake her up and she would wave her arms, open her eyes and just stare you down... like how dare you!
jordan had a blast with her cousin korben too, they don't get to see each other that often but when they do i love it because jordan and he get along so well! they are only 2 months apart and just can't get enough of each other! he is just a sweet heart!
korben told his mom and dad the other day that he changed his mind and that he want a baby brother instead. he told his mom to put the baby back in her belly until she turned into a boy!
so kami decided that she was going to take care of business and i got nominated to freshen her up... almost done, about to close up shop and she farted... now i didn't get it that bad... just a bit right on my lip... mmm... but right before i started changing kami, brandon, kaseys brother, told us that she did that to mandy the other day and she was nearly completely covered... so i got the mandy from little kambryn... my my, she's got some talent!
kasey and i fought over baby holding rights almost the whole day... we decided that we need to have twins so that we don't fight over the little one... you think? i kept getting the look... the 'i want one' look... i know how you feel KB.


AJ said...

newbies are so adorable. And you are looking hot!

Aubrey Jane said...

Cute Baby! We love your blog and are glad that you are here in miserable Utah with us. A nice beachy vacation does sound nice, but Robert refuses to go to Hawaii until he can stay for good. We'll see about that. If you're even in Logan, let us know.

Smiths said...

You know Molly, you look pretty good with a baby. That's all I'm going to say, but I think you know what I mean. Oh, and when are we going to get together?