Tuesday, February 26, 2008

tagged again

okay, since i was tagged by one that i had done before i decided to find another questionnaire to do. so here i go... thanks sarah.
  • what is your occupation? dental technology
  • what are you listening to right now? in the hours of flowers, by the vells
  • what is the last thing you ate? a banana and a rice cake with peanut butter on it... yum!
  • do you wish on stars? yeah, when i can see them... i used to a lot back home, but you can't see them all that well here.
  • if you were a crayon what color would you be? either red (it's my favorite color) or turquoise, cause it reminds me of the ocean.
  • how is the weather right now? completely blue skies but still a bit chilly
  • last person you talked to on the phone? kasey, calling to check up on me... i'm at home sick.
  • do you like the person who tagged you? totally, we have been friends since we were in our mamas bellies!
  • how old are you right now? 27, but next month i'll be two years from 30... oooo now i feel old!
  • your favorite drink? v8 fusion pomegranate blueberry, my new addiction
  • favorite sport to watch? hmmm since being married to kasey... football, but before that i never really watched sports... only the olympics.
  • have you ever dyed your hair? um, yeah... cause i never wanted to be dark and since i have not been in hawaii with beach blonde hair from the sun i have given in... i just let it go now.
  • your favorite job? surf n sea. cause i could watch, talk and listen too and breathe surfing.
  • any pets? yeah here at the house i got gage (our german short hair), kona (our chocolate lab) and stuf-migruff (jordans beta fish).
  • favorite month? march, cause its my birthday and cause then i know that spring and summer are right around the corner with some warmer weather!
  • favorite food? anything with jalapeƱos, i love mexican food. and my grandmas chinese roast.
  • what was the last movie you watched? at home, michael clayton. in the theater, i am legend. i love movies, i have way over 100... it's an addiction.
  • favorite day of the year? hmmm, thats tough. i couldn't tell ya.
  • what do you do to vent anger? i used to go surfing or lay on the warm sand... in utah, go for a walk and try not to take it out on kasey, sorry baby if i do...
  • fall or spring? hmm, well both! spring, cause the weather is perfect, fall cause the i love it when the leaves change colors.
  • hugs or kisses? well both... i love to be held and i love little kisses... i'm a very love cuddly person.
  • cherry or blueberry? fresh cherries!
  • living arrangements? kasey and i own a house in sugarhouse that we are remodeling.
  • when was the last time you cried? last night, i was sick and had to be rushed to the doctor.
  • what is on the floor in your closet? shoes, and the stuff that i am hiding from jordan.
  • who is the friend that you have known the longest? sarah herdan, kami lum, hazel, devin and brady.
  • what did you do last night? got stitches for the first time.
  • what inspires you? children and people that are dedicated to them selves and their dreams.
  • what are you afraid of? car wreaks and loosing someone you love.
  • how many cars have you had? 8... 74 bug, saturn, rodeo x2, 98 civic, 01 passat, 06 equinox and my 07 durango.
  • how many keys are on your key ring? 3... i hate to many keys, it reminds my of janitors.
  • how many years at your current job? almost a year, but 3 raises since then!
  • favorite day of the week? saturday... cause i can try and sleep in.... it usually never happens though.
  • where have you lived? orem ut, laie hi, honsdale pa, provo ut, moreno valley ca, mission beach ca, escondido ca and sugarhouse ut.
  • first cd you ever bought? four non blondes and blondie.
  • favorite vacation? the 'cadillac' summer with my family, and my europe trip in high school.
  • favorite tv shows? lost, desperate housewives, grays anatomy, private practice, two & a half men.
now i tag... betsy, denae, jill and anyone else who would like too!


Kirstin said...

Sorry you've been sick. I hope you're feeling better and it isn't that terrible flu. Ok random memory- living across from Foodland you threw up a jar of jalapenos or maybe pepperchini's in the shower. Nice. Long live the LPM (little pimp mobile).

betsy said...

thanks for the tag mol. sorry you still aren't feeling good. love you!

The Potter Pack said...

Molly - oh my heck !! It is Cortnie from GA and it is so good to hear from you ! Ok, when did you get married and have a kid ?? What - I'm thinking that she was his or something ... Update me - it has been like 4 yrs almost since we last chatted and you were moving from Laie to mainland and we just moved there for school @ BYU ... I visited your mom in the nursing area a couple times but we moved off island 2 yrs ago and are in northern CA now ... It is so good to have contact with you - call me anytime 8017066343 - You look so happy!

Stephanie said...

I love reading tags! I love the artwork on this post what are they??

Molly Malia said...

steph, off etsy.com, just browse the art section... there are tons of fun ones... these are some of my favorites;)