Wednesday, February 6, 2008

oh helen...

today is the 9th anniversary of my grandmothers passing. i know that this might be a bit weird, me posting about my late grandma moffat, but in the last week i have been doing a lot of thinking about my life, where its come from, where it is and where it's going, and my grandma was a big part of it. so here's to you grandma! i only wish that i had paid more attention and learned her many talents while she was here, i regret that...

(my pops and his mom)
~her love for the gospel, books, sewing etc., traveling and cats
~postum and toast
~purring in your ear
~bright pink lipstick and permed hair
~her nation geographic collection, she had every single one!
~stopping to say 'i love you' on my way out the door to seminary when she would come to stay.
~seven brides for seven brothers
~timely birthday cards (they always know)
~button collection
~always calling us by our full names
~paying for my trip to europe
~her love for purple and orchids
~crossword puzzles
~the letter we received in the mail from her the day after she passed
~hundreds and hundreds of watch bands to match every outfit
~perfectly filed nails
~jello with veggies
~all her little nick nacks from around the world
~when ever times are good or bad, laying on the lawn at her grave for a long chat!
~doing a great job raising my pops and being a great grandma!


ashley said...

molly your so sweet!
aren't grandma's the best? and man i wish that her button/fabric/all things crafty collections were still around! and that i could have meet her too, someday...

and congrats to kayse too! that will be really fun.

Mitch & Amy said...

I remember playing Barbies for hours in her basement at the condo! Then we'd pack up cereal in sandwich bags and go play at the Sharon Elementary playground! She was always so sweet to me!

James and Yvonne said...

I love your Grandma! I have such great memories of her. She was always so happy. And her fingernails did always look great :) I can't believe it has been 9 years. Time goes by so fast. I love the picture of her and your Dad. Take care

Manoa said...

I remember grandma...I remember that she always looked so proper at church. But what I remember most about her was that she was always so nice to me and she never looked down on anyone.