Saturday, December 8, 2007

sugarhouse sledding

okay, so we woke up this morning, and this is what we had to deal with... what choice would you make? going sledding, or staying home and working on the house? i think we needed a break, and its not everyday that you get this... never mind, what am i saying, its going to be a long winter!

so we grabbed jordans friend michaela and went to the park. when we first got there i told them try not to eat the snow, cause it will make them cold from the inside out and we would have to leave early... about ten minutes into our sledding adventure they caught me wolfing down the snow by the hand full... caught!

holding on for dear life! jordan had so much fun, but i think that it was the kid in kasey that turned the whole day into a blast! from being tackled, to snow ball fights it was great, it reminded me of the times we went sledding as kids on BYU campus by the bell tower. i actually think that was the last time i had ever gone!

this was after the first time dad and jordan went down the hill... and the last time jordan walked up. out of about 30 runs, jordan walked once. and if kasey didn't slide down with them, he would still end up walking down to carry her up! she would just lay down in the snow on the bottom until he finally gave in to go get her. daddy's sweet talker.

the girls taking their time coming up the hill cause they know they are going to get dosed by snow balls!

it was a busy day at the park... and this was just one hill. we even saw a guy that, when his kids would reach the bottom of the hill, he would send down the dog and the kids would tie the sleds to the dogs collar and he would run them up the hill for them... now thats the way to do it!

backwards! maybe it was my big butt, but when i would ride down with them we always ended up turning. and i wish that i had a picture of it when kasey and i rode down together. i was riding on his back and got so much speed going down that hill by the time we got to the bottom his face was covered in snow and it had all gone down his coat and shirt too!


ashley said...

that looks so fun! what a perfect place to go sled.
umm, your big butt nothing. if i remember correctly, you have no butt.

Kirstin said...

I love sledding, but I'm with Jordan. I need a ski lift to get back up the hill. That looks like a lot of fun though. I'm glad no one broke anything. I always have to do the inventory where you lay there for a minute and make sure everything is still in the right place. Yeah.

betsy said...

you are insane. snow is not fun.

Gehrets said...

MOLLY!!!! I have found you! I didn't even know that you were married!! You look so happy. Do you have a facebook account? My
e-mail is . .write me!!