Saturday, December 1, 2007

snow days!

ok, so i woke up this morning and there was about two or so inches of snow outside. that was about 7am. by the time it was 9am there was almost a foot on the ground! can you believe it? what a way to start out december... only 23 days left til christmas, but about 5 more months of cold cold cold!!!

NO, too cold!

i gave up on shoveling the drive way and side walk after doing so about 4 times. it all just kept coming! what was the use, kasey can do it when he gets home... plus since i don't have any snow boots i was out there in kasey's hunting boots, pajama bottoms (tucked into my boots of course), and about three or four layers on top (i still really haven't gotten all the winter clothes out of the basement), i looked a bit odd out there sliding around trying to bring the garbage cans in :) my neighbors get it, i hope...

while daddy went to work for a bit this morning jordan and i got bundled up and went outside to build snowmen with the neighbor girls, sierra and hannah.

ha ha, snow ball to the head!

miss snow hawaii 2007

we tried to bring a little of hawaii to our front yard... yeah right! besides being the cutest snowman in the neighborhood, our little cold blooded hula dancer didn't change the weather... so i went back inside and baked thinking that some sweets would cure my need for 90 degree weather.

snow angels!

jordan, grandma and grandpa henderson with the pirate snowman that hannah and sierra built.


Kirstin said...

I love the pictures you post. That first one of Jordan is amazing. Anywho it is butt cold and snowing over here too. I don't think there has ever been a good looking shoveling outfit so no worries, but I do like your snowman.

ashley said...

ok, that first picture of jordan- love it. looks like fun, seriously, it looks like a good time. and that sunshine has been sent...

Sean, Jen and Carson said...

I don't think I'll ever get used to this cold, either! I love your cute hula girl snowman!

Jennie said...

Cute stuff. Love the pics.
I didn't know you were in Utah still. I thought you moved to Hawaii.
Anywho. I guess that you have been tagged... see my blog. i was tagged so i guess i will tag you as well. :) i don't know what it going on.