Saturday, September 27, 2008

hello blue eyes

paul newman 1925-2008
one of my most favorite actors of all time.... he is one good lookin guy and he makes my mom giggle. nevermind that right after seeing the movie 'cool hand luke' in 1967, in the theater, she was determined to name her first born after him in that role and did.
my top picks... in no real order... cool hand luke cat on a hot tin roof butch cassidy long hot summer the sting
known in college for bar fights after his football games, his baby blue eyes, simple smile and over 60 movies that he acted in and more that he directed and produced he was a busy, talented, well known actor. and what actor in hollywood could even come close to his 50 year marriage to joanne woodward. what he said about his wife, 'if i have a steak dinner at home, why would i go out for hamburger'. hats off to you pauly. we'll miss you!

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betsy said...

Mmmmmm. I'll take that top picture to go please. Yum. Nice tribute to the Man.