Monday, September 1, 2008

happy birthday jord!

wow, i just can't believe that jo turned 6 yesterday!
she is growing up way, way, way, to fast!she has figured out 'the mirror'. any mirror, or anything that gives a reflection, she has noticed. i catch her posing, playing with her hair, dancing, blowing kisses and well just talking to herself.
cuddler. she still has to have her cozy time with dad on the couch and give everyone a hug before she goes anywhere.
sweet talker. she can get anyone to do anything, especially grandma mary. the rest of us are on to her. and when we have her just about figured out, we'll have to start all over again!
drama queen. she can cry on demand, laugh on demand... and has a wild teenage imagination. i'm scared, she tries to get me to have girl talk with her to talk about boys. i get her to stop but i laugh every time.
miss independent. never mind trying to help her with something, she'll put up a fight and do it herself until its done, or she gets frustrated and walks away.
strong. she can take kasey down with her big guns. throws some good punches, kicks your butt, and loves to laugh about it. i like it cause she comes in handy when it's time to carry the grocery's in, and dad likes it cause she just flat out amazes him.


iMaLLheaRt said...

they grow up so fast!! She sounds amazing!

ashley said...

she really is something else that girl!

happy birthday jord! we miss and love you!

Jennelle said...

That is such a great picture of her...she is such a pretty girl. I am sure she had a great Birthday!