Saturday, June 7, 2008

10 years ago?

i graduated from kahuku high can you believe it? i really can't!
has it really been that long... what happened to the time?
i really liked high school,
tons of learning, discovering talents and really who i was.
with loads of friends, waterpolo and swimming. i had fun...
good times, good times.

what do you remember about your graduation?


Kirstin said...

Mol- looking good. Just a ps, that was my little sister Jamie in the picture you thought I looked like Dana in. Yeah people think they're twins. I don't see it, but whatever. How's the weather over there? We're getting a heat wave.

betsy said...

Yeah, its crazy how long we've been out of high school. It really doesn't feel like that long ago. You are old. Haha.

Jennelle said...

Yup 10 years for me too. I saw a banner for the Kahuku class of '98 class that why you are coming home?! that will be fun for you if you get to go to that.

Hmmm, now let me see...What do I remember about my high school graduation...Oh ya! Since our school colors were purple and yellow we had to wear hidious PURPLE robes...oh the memories of that! ick. Does the name Barney mean anything to you? I looked like a blasted purple dinosour.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I graduated in '02 and I loved that our graduation ceremony was less than an hour! I loved high school and I had so much fun! I don't really talk to much of my friends anymore, I think it's because I live out in Hawaii and I went to high school in California.

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

We didn't have graduations, but I remember my senior year like it was ...11 years ago!! You haven't aged one bit by the way, just as cute as you were back then!!

Aubrey Jane said...

You are so young & look it too! Do people ask you if you're old enough to make their teeth? I got that a lot when I was teaching.

My ten year reunion was 3 years ago (tears). My parents graduated 3 of there 4 children that day. Crazy!