Monday, June 2, 2008


we were able to enjoy some nice warm weather all weekend.
i even got some sun on my face
and am starting to feel good in my skin.
i love summer!
while kasey was helping our friends frame their new garage the moms had a visit
and the girls ran wild.
bottom to top- kayla, megan and jord
they were back and forth from the playground to the pool.
baby shay (kayla's sister) was still sleeping so the girls had to wait to put their suits on sooo...
with me being me, hosed em. hey,
i would have loved it!

i have never heard so much fussing, so much tattle tailing...
experienced so much pouts, snuffs and dirty looks.
man, were we like that when we were kids???
but all in all, it is amazing how quickly they make up.
girls will be girls right?


Star Gazer said...

Yay for Summer! :) I love your pictures.

Sean, Jen and Carson said...

How funny...I was going to say "Yay for Summer", too!

I love how the pictures show the girls enjoying the sun and the pool and there is snow on the mountians in the background.

I'm with you...I am SO excited for the warm sun, swimming and SUMMER!

ashley said...

how fun! but what is that white stuff on the moutains in the background?

Aubrey Jane said...

What a great time! It was warm up here too & we had to smear on the sun screen! Now the weather is back to being crappy. Will summer ever be here for good?

Smiths said...

Agreed. I think we spoke too soon though. Ugh.
See you in Hawaii.

Jennelle said...

ya...I can totally picture you giving the girls a good hose down =o) Glad the sun is peeking its head out for you!