Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy birthday to...

this guy...

who woke up this morning and said that he gets to do what ever he wants today!

who, out of anything he could possibly want for breakfast, asks me to make him spaghetti.

who is currently outside cleaning the trailer... sorry, rewiring and cleaning his hunting trailer... it's his birthday... i need to be more specific, so he says :)

who, i heard tell merrick this morning, he is turning 25 today.

happy birthday hubba! love you!


lance n sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kasey. Molly i hope you have him his spankings!!!!!

ashley said...

happy b-day dude. i wouldn't say he looks a day over 21! and i found a red present, i just need to order it- be on the look out! ;)

wait, email me your addy!