Thursday, October 23, 2008

just doodling today... you like?
but i also came across some fun facts about the october baby boom.

october 5th
more than 12,000 babies are born on that day- making it the most common birth date in the u.s.

the least common birthday
is may 22nd, with an average of 10,259 births. (interesting, i thought it might have been february 29th)

more babies are born
in august, with 369,000 birthdays on average. february has the fewest births- 310,000.

the most deliveries take place
on tuesdays, with an average of 13,169 births; sundays see the fewest, with 7,347 (i was born on sunday). this is at least partly due to scheduled deliveries.

the october 5th baby boom may have something to do with where it falls in the calender year:
about nine months after new years eve.

where do you fall?


ashley said...

that is funny- velz was born oct 4th...hmmmm

iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm a February baby

Jackson 3 said...

That is funny! My little babe was born on May 21st, just a day shy the least common birthday! AND on a SUNDAY as well! I'm just another October birthday! but....a month early!

lance n sarah said...

I'm an October Baby too. Lance also! I like the doodling.

Kahilau said...

My birthday is may 22, i had no idea there were so few of us. I love you doodling, wish mine looked anything like that.