Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hunters wife

i have noticed that this year kasey has not spent to much time out bow hunting... which is unusual... i think thats cause one, i'm a bit on the pregnant side and can't get out there with him... our tags are just sitting on the counter... and two is that he's gone fowl.

i mean, well he has been a member of a duck club out east of the airport for years now and also this year he has started his own goose hunting guide service on the side and has been going to wyoming and up north and well i let him go this past weekend and this what he 'collected'. he is totally in to so these last couple posts have been of kasey i just realized... sometimes i get the feeling that he thinks that i just don't share enough of him...
sorry mom, you probably don't appreciate these two pictures all that much... but i thought that i would open the window into kaseys world a bit to share with you guys.... anyone what any goose meat?

happy haunting... i mean hunting.


Sean, Jen and Carson said...

In that top picture, are those live geese just walking around behind them? Those birds are crazy! Do they not see the dead ones and know that they could be next?!

On a random note about geese...out the window by my desk at work, geese lye their eggs on the ledge every year. It was fun to watch them hatch and grow up, but when it was time to leave the nest they would just walk off the ledge (4 stories up!), fall to the ground, and survive! Last year, some pigeons came and ate them and it was horrible. I don't know why I felt like sharing that story, but there it is! :)

lance n sarah said...

Lance would be in heaven. One year we totally need to get him up there to go with Kasey. We would have so much fun.

Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

so do you hunt too Molly? Spencer would love it if I did. Impressed if you do though I'm still not going to pick up a gun and do it. WE had our little one. Go here for the announcement: