Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a moms proud moment

okay, so its been a while since i have blogged,
sorry... been relaxing!
but now we are back in the desert and
trying to pick up our lost daily routine...
i'll up dated you all on our trip in pictures when i get them all together...
but until then i really need to share something with you...usually when i fly i say little prayer as the plane takes off...
as we were 'taxiing' to the run way in hawaii on our way back
i noticed kasey saying a little prayer (he hates to fly).
jord asked what he was doing, i told her and she just sat there
and watched him.
a couple minutes later i heard some whispering, i thought that she
was just talking to kasey but looked over anyway.
she had her arms folded and eyes closed saying a little
prayer of her own.
i motioned to kasey to check her out...
he got this big grin on his face and just sat there and watched
her until she was done.
i loved it.


Smiths said...

That's so sweet. It's great to have those moments where it feels like the kids are teaching us something, rather than patience.
Can't wait to see the pictures, and I can't believe I wont be in any of them. We are such slackers for not getting together. I guess I'll see you in UT.

ashley said...

velzy asks all the time if jordan is still at gramdma's house....poor kid, everyone who she loves always leaves!

that is really sweet about her saying a little prayer, she really is a great girl! glad she slept on the way home and your flights were better than on the way out!

love and miss you guys!

Star Gazer said...

What a great story! :)

Mitch & Amy said...

Don't tell me that... that means they really are watching what we do!! Just kidding, I love that story!
That little dress she is wearing is way too cute! I bet your momma bear loved having you home!
When do we get to see pics?

The Potter Pack said...

Dude I have seriously been awaiting another belly pic of you ... and you are adorable at 22 wks ! Glad to hear HI was fun ... can't wait to see those pics - take care of that baby !!