Sunday, July 6, 2008

so along with a

growing fetus...
restless nights, groggy mornings, day dreaming,
moody evenings and my angelina jolie chest...
i am no longer granted the best of memory.
kasey, jord and i have been up to tons these last couple weeks
and yet my camera lay comfortably in the desk drawer.
or in my bag... not in use. brilliant.
sometimes i do remember to get it out and snap a few...
but its when we are all done doing something
that i remember the camera.
bad molly.... so not like me.

we have had many water balloon fights,
that kasey would get worked...
playing basketball in our pool during the day and
floated by night watching the stars.
renting mopeds...
now how could i have not gotten a picture of kasey doing that!
going away for the weekend, he and i,
and in the morning watching about 5 hot air balloons coming in off the balcony
(which i did get a picture of)
but it was looking over and seeing kasey standing there
buck naked
with his hands on his hips, his towel down by his feet,
while these balloons hovered around the neighboring fields.
or maybe it was his pyrotechnics that made him all giddy while putting on a
firework show for jord and the neighborhood kids last friday
and going to the big firework show at sugarhouse park
that jord slept through after being supper cranky all evening.
but what ever it is that is going on here in our home...
i am in a complete daze.
what gives?
oh and i did get some pictures of the new do that i gave kasey...
his jock-hoc, that lasted oh... about 5 min...

so i promise that i will be better and get back into my blogging mode
and get back in to 'remembering' to use my camera.... k?


Jude Sells said...

Hey Molly. I was going to call you to see where we could go to see the sugarhouse fireworks without being in the middle of all the crowds but the only contact we had was your blogspot. I recently got your email on my blog so I will shoot you our contacts soon. Anyways, it's good to hear that life is eventful eventhough you are pregnant. Golf will be a must this week or whenever you guys can.

Anonymous said...

Molls, sad day, but it will only get worse. It's sad when you start putting your poor kids shoes on the wrong feet & not even realize it until you see them walking around in pain. Just put the camera in your purse.
Congrats on the boobs though.

Smiths said...

Don't get too atatched to the boobs- they get smaller than even before kids after your done breast feeding. All part of the ride. Enjoy, and write down all the funny forgetful stuff. The Belly Book is a good one. Glad you're trying to blog again.

Molly Malia said...

i got the belly book... i love it!