Tuesday, July 15, 2008

and lamoile is

we drove out to see some friends in lamoile nevada this past weekend...
if you have no idea where it is, like i did, its out be elko...
tucked away by the ruby mountains.
who would have thought this was in central nevada?
it was so nice there and rapidly fell in love with the place!
jord and ramsey played so well together, it had been almost a year
since they had seen each other!
we had to take kona with us cause of his ear infection,
so while we were hanging outside watching jord and ramsey play
the dogs, kona and ruger, were going wild having a blast and spending most of
their day in the kiddie pool.
tour al la house...
ramsey has a roll of money tucked in the gas cap of this little car
because her mom says that all they do is put money into the
gas tank of their car... so rams does just the same.
we thought that was so funny!
and a round of horse shoes after breakfast...

thank you josh and tori for letting us come and visit! we love you guys!


Mickell Gehret said...

wow...that place is beautiful! You and your cute family should take a little road trip to see ME!! Ohio is nice to...ok so not really but um...the weather is nice...ok so not really...the people are nice...now I am just lying! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon!! Take care of that cute little pregnant belly!!

Smiths said...

Never would have guessed that was NV. So fun-Don't give up little weekend trips when the triplets come. Yeah, I said it. YOu'll being having not just a girl, but a girl and two boys. Ha ha.

Griffee's said...

Hey long time no see. Looks like you are doing so well! Glad to hear life worked it's self out for you. Drop in on my blog anytime...and congrats on the soon to be new edition.


betsy said...

please don't move to lamiole