Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mamas day mother!
i love you soooo much!
i'm glad that your my mother and that you,
are even still to this day, a kid at heart!
sorry, i had to put this picture in i love it!
that was the night that you kicked butt at ping pong!
love you!
i miss you so much, i can't wait to see you in 3 months!


ashley said...

ha ha love that pic too!

your mom is such a sweet<3, honestly, what would we all do without her?

Chuck Made Us Famous said...

I have to agree, molly really made out in the mom department Connie. Thanks for being a substitute mom when i was there at byuh and so far from home.
Happy Mothers Day to you too molly malia....

Jennelle said...

I heart Connie!!! I think everyone hearts Connie. She is like my surrogate mom. Actually, I think she was everyone’s surrogate mom. She pops in from time to time to check on me in Hale, probably to make sure I haven’t gone crazy…I love her. And I love the ping pong picture. I remember that night…is that Ashton in the background? Those were some fun times, I miss you!

JulieAbundo said...

Connie is the best. She's the only person who would pop open a can of black olives for me everytime I came over. Good memories.

Angie said...

I was just thinking of your mom the other day, Molly. I actually got teary thinking about her because of how good she was to me when i went through a really hard time at byuh. i would see her at the medical building and she was so gentle, unassuming and kind. she's someone i'll always appreciate, one of those people who the Lord gives you at the perfect time. an angel. say hello to her for me.