Thursday, August 27, 2009


old faithful was cool... when we got there we still had some time to kill so we went over to the lodge and grabbed a bite to eat. out on the deck we sat for about an hour waiting... it's hard to believe that this thing shoots over 300 feet in the air out of a 4 inch diameter hole. and its crazy hot water too! pretty cool to see.
these hot springs were everywhere... but this one by far was the prettiest. if it wasn't hot enough to boil me like a cornish hen in 5 seconds i would have jumped in... inviting isn't it??

right off the bat when we entered the park we saw a herd of cow elk... pretty neat. they really don't care that you are there... we also saw a buffalo, bald eagle and tons of geese. all in all our trip was great... i wish that we could have done more traveling in yellowstone... but with two whiny kids it was time to get back...

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