Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day!

yay for mommas!

it was a year today that we found out we were having a baby!

my mom went home this morning... sucks...

i'm so glad that she was here for the last week... it was so much fun, she even spent the days with merrick... and got to know him... it's such a bummer living so far apart... she promised that she would come out a couple times a year, but it will never be enough. we have become close in our old age. xoxo momma, and thank you for the card. it made me cry.

it was a great day! i was woken up with flowers and a card from my boys (even a scribble from a pen kasey helped merrick hold)... kasey cooked three meals, helped me plant some flowers... went for a walk at sugarhouse park, and let me use all the hot water in a 15 min long shower.

it was lovely. did i just say lovely? thank you kasey for all you do. i love you sooo much and i hope that you know that!

happy mothers day to all of you! xoxo, mollymalia

and to my dear sister betsy anela,

i love you! i miss you tons and...
happy birthday!


Denae said...

Happy mother's day Moll!

Norris Family said...

Happy Mothers Day! It sounds like you had such a dreamy day, you deserve it!!

Jennelle said...

What a wonderful mothers day you had! Your little guy is getting cuter and cuter every time I see a new picture of him. Brady gave me a massage for mothers day...being pregnant it was the best gift in the world!

ashley said...

sounds like a lovely day ;)

living far from your family just sucks, it's the worst! but connie will never be able to stay away from that cute boy for long and i am sure they will be just as close as if they lived only an hour away!

Mickell Gehret said...

I love that picture of you with your little boy!! Sounds like you had a super awesome mothers day!!